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Updated 2020-09-16
Developer karaage-tomato
Rip by s-hentai

Misery ~What Follows Wishing for Misfortune~

- This work is RPG Maker MV made
- We recommend the operation check in the trial version
-If you have any problems, please contact Ci-en
I think we can reach the ending in about -1 to 2 hours.
- You can check the condition of the true end after the bad end is reached
- The event can be fully released after reaching the true end
- In the trial version you can play until the end of Day 2
- You can move to the load screen with the A key during the event occurrence
- You can temporarily erase the message window by entering the Q key, or cancel the temporary erase by re-entering the message window

~ Synopsis~

Chiaki, a girl who has never had an unlucky experience from unusual fortune.

She was sick of a flat life without any inconvenience.
I sold my body and was immersed in the time of pleasure、
Because of the lucky Constitution, I was sickened by not being able to experience sexual activity as much as the danger of myself.

But one day, chiuki found a strange book in a secondhand bookstore、
It awakens the witch-Mizari, who was sealed by the hand of the holy woman in ancient times.
To Mizari is a witch who governs misfortune, chiuki in order to experience a richer etch
"I want you to make me unhappy," he said.
Meanwhile, Mizari is also interested in the strange luck felt by the girl、
I'm trying to break into her mental world to investigate.……

How is the fate of the strange life of"a girl who is tired of luck"and"witch who controls misfortune"?

~Simple operation explanation~

- Only choose the action in four time zones: Morning, Noon, Night, and night
- New events will be opened depending on the status and flags
- You will be notified of the opening of new events at the end of the day
- You can view the opening conditions of each event in the recollection room

~H Event Part menu~
- I'll whisper a raw erotic voice in the ear to get pocket money to classmate
- Ass job byte in the shower room of the swimming club that belongs to after school
- An aid dating with a middle-aged father who took a break from school and paid well
- Customer service byte to take a bath in the school swimsuit to the man's bath of the nearby public bath
- Sex with ex-boyfriend who runs a bar to exude libido

And so on.
Although the early stage is a lot of hot etch, as the event in the spirit world progresses
It is humiliated in school and town and it will be treated as an erotic pet.
Please enjoy the way that the girl who is bright and gentle but is hungry for stimulation is painted in semen♪

Use 3D custom girl
SS has paid MOD introduction + image processing by itself
If you have any problems, please contact Ci-en.













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