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Updated 2022-02-28
Developer karaage-tomato
Language original
Total size 669mb
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Calendar Bitch does her NTR make-up story

Original title: Calendar ビッチな彼女のNTR作り話

~ Introduction~ (Please read it by all means)

-The screen resolution is 1280 × 768
- This work is made of RPG Maker MV, we recommend checking the operation in the trial version
-You can choose to open the event after reaching any of the endings
- You can play until after viewing a specific event in the trial version
-You can move to the load screen with the W key during event occurrence
-Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
-Mini-games, mouse operation is required when viewing the event
-Audio is introduced only at the time of the mini-game
-Please adjust the volume in the option if necessary
I think you can view all the events in about -1 to 2 hours


Nagata Mikitaka who is an office worker with many business trips, and Shinokura Meiraku who is the lover.

they started dating after college.
She started living together with her husband, and now lives in a quiet apartment.

one day, however, mikitaka received a message from an acquaintance at a drinking party
"Shinokura Meiraku seems to have been a fierce bitch woman of man play" is heard rumors.

Mikitaka is worried while denying that it is such a fool, and questions Meiraku.
While she hesitates, she admits that the rumor is true and apologizes for hiding it.

Mikitaka is cuckold to trigger this and becomes aware of the propensity、
"While I'm going on a business trip, I don't mind having sex with other men" and
He left Japan after giving permission to Meiraku.

And then a month.
mikitaka who came back from a business trip while regretting that he had given an outrageous permission、
Meiraku is greeted with a smile that does not change as usual.
what happened to that?To Mikitaka, who inquired, Meiraku replied, "I'm not going to be able to do that."

"I can talk to you -- if you just listen to it as a fictional story, though♪"

Mikitaka who is puzzled by the expression which is the Imbi of the lover that I have not seen until now.
As if to mock him thinly, Meiraku talks about who and what he did when.

Is the wildly vivid "make-up" really just a "make-up"?

A man who is at the mercy of doubt and lust and a woman who laughs with deep pleasure.The night alone is going to go away……

~ Simple operation explanation~
-Report pt that can be earned in mini-games.Only continue to unlock each event using
- For the rules of the mini-game, please refer to the description and introduction video in the work
- I have also described in the introduction, but this work mouse operation will be mandatory, please understand

~H Event part menu ~
-Temptation to respond in the appearance of the bath up to the delivery man who came to deliver the luggage
-To a love hotel with the juniors of the workplace who had feelings for me
-Naughty mischief while riding the love consultation of high school students living in the next room
- Reverse rape while the words blame the hero Meiraku shakes his shoulder to jealousy
-Meiraku meets a man who once belonged to the same circle by chance……

This work is rare in our circle and the humiliation element has become diluted
Please enjoy the story of the heroine who was enjoying the fornication with various men

Images use 3D custom girl
We are editing images that have introduced paid・own MOD



















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