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Updated 2022-09-23
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LASCIVIOUS ~The Newlywed Swordsman and the Curse of Lust~

Original title: LASCIVIOUS ~新婚双剣士と色欲の呪淫~

~ Introduction~ (Please read it by all means)

- This work is made of RPG Maker MV, we recommend checking the operation in the trial version
-The screen resolution is 1280 × 720
-All events can be released after reaching any ending
- You can play until after viewing a specific event in the trial version
-You can move to the load screen with the W key during event occurrence
-Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
- You can check the current state and effect details with the A key during battle
-H voice is often introduced
-Please adjust the volume in the option if necessary
- Strong and has introduced a new game system
- I think that you can browse all events in about 2-3 hours of play leisurely
-We are preparing the event open items in the shop

Addendum) You can check the hints of viewing conditions and talk to the unreviewed event in the recollection room


Drena is a swordsman with a rare sword talent and beauty, and a strong will.

she was aiming for a top-notch treasure hunter, and her master gave her a full license.、
He returned home after a long time with his childhood friend Theo.
together with the blessing, they moved to the city of walp, where many adventurers gather、
He begins a new life with plenty of love while becoming somewhat at odds with the local people……

It was supposed to be, but because it was too dangerous among many dungeons
To the 【other world】 that had been discouraged from stepping into
An inexperienced treasure hunter challenges them, and an incident occurs where they are attacked by an unidentified monster.

dorena, who happened to be there, jumped into another world and started searching for her.、
It will be hostile to the mysterious woman -Lasivia who called herself [Genie of lust] in the deepest part.

It was Drena who somehow slashed the minions released by Lacivia, but was struck by a slight gap、
The body will inevitably estrus [curse] will be driven in.

Dorena who shakes off the delusion that is indecent with a strong will and hides the modulation of the body in Theo.
However, the head and the secret part gradually and surely begin to want a man strongly.

The only way to break the curse is to destroy the Lashivia that is the source of it.
Will she be able to defeat the Genie without betraying her beloved husband……

~ Simple operation explanation~

- During the day, fly from the transfer shop to another world, aim for the boss room while exploring the dungeon
-At night I will calm the body to estrus in the etch with Theo
-Of course, it is not enough just for her husband's meat stick, and eventually she wanders around the city at night

~H Event part menu ~

-Comfort yourself the body that hides from her husband and burns, and be witnessed by adventurers who know the site
-Buy adult goods from witches who became acquaintances and enjoy their performance carefully
-Headhunted from the lord of the inn, to do a part-time job as a prostitute of the inn exclusive
-I see through my masochistic propensity in a prostitute only for women, and I accept it
-A woman enters the sauna where strong men enter, and enters the outlet of desire by oneself……

The beauty that everyone turns around, the sword handling that does not stop in sight, the noble heart as a warrior
a woman with all of them is mad at lust that cannot be controlled by her own will.、
Please enjoy the fall to the meat urinal that is NTR humiliation training in the town round before long and is pleased

At the end of the story, there is also an event to go to the site to operate the husband and be cuckold

Images mainly use 3D custom girl
We are editing images that have introduced paid・own MOD




















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