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Updated 2023-06-11
Developer karaage-tomato
Language original
Total size 1gb
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SMOLDERING The Beloved Swordsman is in love

Original title: SMOLDERING 最愛の剣士が恋焦がれたモノ

※ The trial version save data that had been posted in the release notice work is
  Please do not use it in this game
  I can not guarantee that the trouble does not occur because there is a place where I made the adjustment

~introduction ~ (please read by all means)

- This work is made in RPG maker MV, we recommend the operation check in the trial version
-The screen resolution is 1280×720
-You can move to the load screen with the W key during the event occurrence
-Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
・Enter A key to enter autotext mode
・ You can check the details of the current state and effect with the S key during the battle
・H voice has been introduced frequently
・If necessary, please adjust the volume in the option
・We offer event full release items in the shop
- You can check the tips of browsing conditions and talk to the non-browsing event in the recollection room
- The vrodstudio data used, BGM material, plug-in etc. are read me
 I have written a credit
・ If you only aim for the worst end, you can reach it in about two hours
・ You can fully release the event after reaching each ending

~ Synopsis~

Knight Tail-Rowe, who serves the kingdom of Rosoleum.
He is a childhood friend, is going to be engaged, runs a self-defense swordsmanship dojo in the royal capital
I had a lot of love with the red-haired female swordsman Vel.

However, Vell says something like this to Tail, who was looking forward to the wedding.

"Do not you want to seriously fight with me before getting married?"」

He was a brother and sister, and he was stronger than anyone else, and the tail had never won.
If you become engaged, become a couple, and eventually become a parent, you will not be able to fight with yourself with all your might、
Vell gave the Tail a chance to duel so that there was no regret.
Tail agrees to this, and begins the training with a pledge to the heart firmly that he will show victory to Vel by the ceremony.

However, unexpected things happen.

Treasure hunters with trivial grudges use aphrodisiac items to Vell as revenge.
i escaped being raped with my own mental tolerance.、
The mind and body of Vel had become a little nasty.

Vell speaks in a bewitching voice to the tail who came to the house.

"If you do not defeat me as soon as possible ......may be cuckold by another man?」

"Cuckold pretend" that has started to stir up the motivation of the beloved tail.
the tail tries even more to keep his beloved swordsman from being taken away.、
The body of Vel was forced to seek pleasure with each passing day――

~ Simple operation explanation~
・ Select actions in the morning and afternoon phases only
・ In the training area, you will collect and level items while exploring simple dungeons
・ "To defeat the Vel" and "to watch as the Vel falls" will be the purpose of this game

~H event part menu ~
-I would open the crotch to the treasure hunter who became a collaborator of the cuckold pretend
-I will be witnessed masturbation to a boy of the student and be asked to brush down
- To the relationship to cosplay etch with a man who is the superior officer of the tail from a strange thing
-The pain of the body is not suppressed, and it enters the inn with the men of the pass and is committed all night as much as you like
- take revenge on the champion of the arena that you defeated before.……

The swordsman of beauty who reigned as a genuine strong gradually becomes horny、
Enjoy "Cuckold torture" and "Cuckold rape" instead of "Cuckold pretend"
Please enjoy the way that it transforms into a helpless hentai meat urinal

The images used in the game were mainly created by Vrodstudio


※ 発売予告作品に掲載していた体験版セーブデータは


・使用したVroidStudioデータ、BGM素材、プラグイン等はread meにて















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