Anti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya poster
Updated 2017-12-15
Developer Heisendou
Language jap

Anti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya

* Story
The heroine Sakuya is presumed to be the head of Himekami Family,
a famous bloodline of Anti-Demon agents. A sign of incoming demonic
force is swirling around this Jinnou city, where fighters in Himekami family
has protected civilians generation by generation.
Will Sakuya able to defend Jinnou city from demons' vicious scheme!?

* Character
Sakuya Himekami
A daughter in an Anti Demon fighter family Himekami, expected to be
the head of Himekami in the future. Very serious and right-minded.
Often thought to be a calm and brave woman, but in fact she is easy
to be influenced by others from her nature. Somehow interested in
sexual stuff, and recently getting into taking selfies. Owns very curvy
body but her too sensitive body sometimes annoys herself.

* An Orthodox RPG
The story progresses by exploring dungeons, beating monsters with a
variety of skills and defeating the bosses in each dungeon. Since Sakuya
is quite sexually attractive, she is always aimed at by other men.

New events will be unlocked when conditions are met, for example
increase in the "Lewd Level" or Popularity Level" to a certain extent.
- Uploading selfies on SNS
- Lingerie check by dirty minded teacher
- A serious looking classmate turns out to have erotic broadcasting channel
- Participates to doujin market with cosplay
- "Mat Play" with lotion like in a brothel

59 overall H scenes contained!

* Reminiscence mode and CG gallery mode contained (CG gallery mode is unlocked after game clear)

* Full Screen / In Window switchable (press Alt + Enter)

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Anti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya screenshotAnti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya screenshotAnti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya screenshot

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