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Updated 2022-10-01
Developer Orange Piece
Language original
Total size 2gb
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OrangePieceHeroines Star30

Original title: OrangePieceHeroines Star30

■About this product
"Orangepieceheroines Star30" is sold from the circle "Orange Piece", by the heroines of "Celestite", "Irisheart", "Princesselicia", "Lunatic Scarlet Eyes", it is a netorare work of omnibus form that collected H events of a single story type.

"Orangepieceheroines" is a work that is being updated from time to time, and "Orangepieceheroines Star30" will be a version of Ver0.30 into 1 game.Updates from Ver0.31 or later will not be reflected.

As a limited benefit of "Orangepieceheroines Star30", "Exclusive all release save data" and "Images of all HCG" are included.

"Orangepieceheroines" is being updated at this support site

■Basic information-System
Basic CG number: 32 sheets (not including standing picture)
Total number of H scenes: 32 scenes

10 scenes can be played in the trial version
(Only 3 Krana Iris Elysia in the trial version)

There is a recollection mode
You can see the event that you saw once in the recollection room.
It can also be recalled from before the H event.
All release save data included.

There is a sectional view (switchable)

There is a simple climax voice ・back voice (switchable)

Message skipping, backlog function available

Resolution 816×624
Produced in RPG Maker MV.
※ Please check the operation in the trial version.

The heroine of "Celestite".
It is a magician who is the highest rank in the magician, and has trained all magic.He does not show humility to his superior talent, nor does he show a somewhat arrogant attitude.

The heroine of "Irisheart".
A humanoid android made to imitate a human called Exdor.Because it is very elaborate and equipped with self-supporting AI, it can not be distinguished without insight.

The heroine of "Princesselicia".
Princess of the Kingdom of Sphyrdia.Although she is a princess, she is treated without distinction to anyone, and her trust from her own people is also thick, but there is one side that does not know things.

The heroine of "Lunatic Scarlet Eyes".
The presence of a half-human half-demon that draws the blood of the Queen of Inma.It is difficult to be noticed by its charm because it tends to be dark and bow down with extreme shy.I can use the power peculiar to the Inma.

■Man and H event example
- Nampa man shows off his big cock immediately Saddle Kurana
-○Sex education to the brothers of the companion.iris to serious sex with the brother of the scum
- i'm cooperating with the filming, but the demands escalate more and more, elysia.
- While exterminating the goblins, the accident strikes back at mating Krana
-Ejaculation management of sex offenders・Iris is able to hit the accumulated lust
- Sex by pretending to be a whore with a man who yearns for Elysia-sama Elysia
-Lunary who would be eaten easily by a Chara man in a temporary work destination

Number of H events for each heroine
Krana: 10
Iris: 7
Elysia: 9
Lunali: 3
Congruence: 3

If you would like to learn more about each H event, please refer to each blog post.

■ Game content
Take a walk while switching heroines in the city of new encounters "Rubel Star", and talk to the character of the heart mark and H event will happen.
H Depending on the event, it will be necessary to switch the excited state at the torch in front of the inn.(Most are H events in a calm state)
There is an introduction to each heroine, but there is no main story, and there is no ending.
There are no combat or leveling elements.

■Erotic system

-Cross section
In the H event with an insertion, a cross-sectional view can be displayed so that the difference between the main character and the man is clearly depicted.It is possible to switch by option.

-Recollection room
The H event that I saw once can be recollected at any time.In addition, you can also start recollection from the story before the H event.It is also possible to view only CG.

- Simple climax voice, back voice
In the H event with the panting of the heroine, there is a back voice and climax voice.It is possible to switch by option.

Production: Orange Piece
Illustration: Ippon Yu
Scenario: Ippon-yu
Text: One play
H Text: One play

If you have problems, impressions, etc., please contact us by blog or email.

メール:[email protected]


「OrangePieceHeroines Star30」は、サークル「Orange Piece」より販売されている、「Celestite」、「IrisHeart」、「PrincessElicia」、「Lunatic Scarlet Eyes」のヒロインたちによる、単話型のHイベントを集めたオムニバス形式の寝取られ作品となっております。

「OrangePieceHeroines」は随時更新中の作品であり、「OrangePieceHeroines Star30」はVer0.30までを1つのゲームにしたものになります。Ver0.31以降の更新は反映されません。

「OrangePieceHeroines Star30」の限定特典として、「専用全解放セーブデータ」と「全HCGの画像」が付属しています。












「Lunatic Scarlet Eyes」のヒロイン。

・ナンパ男にデカチンを見せつけられて即ハメ クラーナ
・○供の兄弟に性教育。クズの兄と本気セックスに アイリス
・撮影に協力するもどんどん要求がエスカレート エリシア
・ゴブリンを駆除中、アクシデントで逆襲交尾 クラーナ
・性犯罪者の射精管理。溜まった情欲をぶつけられる アイリス
・エリシア様に憧れる男と娼婦のフリをしてセックス エリシア
・臨時の仕事先でチャラ男にあっさり喰われてしまう ルナリィ








制作:Orange Piece


メール:[email protected]

Download OrangePieceHeroines Star30 from k2s or fboom for free.

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