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Updated 2022-02-17
Developer Orange Piece
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Lunatic Scarlet Eyes

Original title: Lunatic Scarlet Eyes

■Basic information-System
Basic CG number: 36 sheets (not including standing picture)
Total H Scene count: 70 scenes

There is a recollection mode
You can see the event that you saw once in the recollection room.
It can also be recalled from before the H event.

There is a sectional view (switchable)

There is a simple climax voice ・back voice (switchable)

Message skipping, backlog function available

Resolution 816×624
Produced in RPG Maker MV.
※ Please check the operation in the trial version.

■ Story
The protagonist "Ray" who has moved from his hometown village to a large Anilatera village meets a girl "Lunali" in the guild.She is dark and shy, but she becomes a partner when she calls out to Ray.
In the same room as Lunary, Ray, who was forced to live in the same room as Lunary, walked up while being puzzled by her treatment at first, and learned about the hidden mystery.

 She is the heroine of this work and the mistress.He moved to the village of Anilatera a month before Rey, but because of the dark and unapproachable atmosphere, he was able to avoid the surroundings, and he could not speak properly with anyone until he met Rey.He is very weak and quiet, but there are some places where he does not understand the sense of distance between people and his thoughts are intense.She has long, thin hair and is not recognized by the people around her because she tends to be depressed, but she has a beautiful face and a plump body, and her charm as a woman overwhelms others.However, the person himself is not aware, and his self-evaluation is remarkably low.There is no sexual experience at all, but for some reason he comes to approach Ray himself.

 He did not discriminate against Lunali, who he met for the first time, and became a partner in the guild.We do not judge people by appearance, even if the other person is not a person, we treat them without distinction.It is a serious and gentle character, but there is a will to penetrate through without allowing it to bend.There is no sexual experience at all, and Lunali uses care as a heterosexual in the same room.

■Man and H event example
-Serve as you are threatened with a reverse grudge and told
-You can show off a large amount of ejaculation in milking handjob
- she's gonna force me to fuck her.
-Forced cum in punishment hand man to have him right next to
-I get drunk carelessly, and it breaks without sex as it is
- trapped, unable to move, seeded from behind.
-Compared to the semen of him and the man, it is able to show the overwhelming difference
-Real Cuckold sex right next to Him sleeping

■ Game content
As a base in the inn of Anilatera village, we will challenge the request of the guild and various problems with the two of Ray and Lunali.The story progresses by the capture of the dungeon.There is no troublesome gimmick or use at all.

■H Event
H event occurs by talking to the man between each, it will continue to be released in the progress of the story and the rise of nasty degree.

As a special H event, there are H events that occur by welcoming the 5th day, and masturbation.This will also be released in the progress of the story and the rise of nasty degree.

The ending is determined by the degree of nympho, and the branch of the final ending has 3 patterns.

(1) Happy ending (completely avoided cuckold)
I do not raise the degree of lewd at all, and go through the pure love with Rei

(2) Normal end
While having a relationship with a man, it is avoided to be cuckold in the end

(3) Bad End (completely cuckold)
It would be completely depraved by a man
the bad end diverges further for each man.

■Erotic system
-Ending branch for each man
By raising the lewd degree of each man and welcoming the ending, you can choose how long to devote your body to the man, you can see the heroine who was painted with lust after the life of the next few years, and the egg seeding from the complete cuckold.

- Sub-H after ending
When the lewd degree becomes more than a certain degree after the ending, the heroine is targeted by a man (some women also) in the village, you can enjoy like being fucked in various situations while mini-H events.

-Cross section
In the H event with an insertion, a cross-sectional view can be displayed so that the difference between the main character and the man is clearly depicted.It is possible to switch by option.

-Recollection room
The H event that I saw once can be recollected at any time.In addition, you can also start recollection from the story before the H event.It is also possible to view only CG.

-H Status
You can check the H status of the heroine at any time from the menu.H By repeating events several times, the status will change.In addition, you can check the H status of each man in the recollection room, and it will also change here.

-Track record system
From the menu, you can see the list of achievements.Most are achievements related to sex, and it is achievable by repeating sex with men many times.

- Simple climax voice, back voice
In the H event with the panting of the heroine, there is a back voice and climax voice.It is possible to switch by option.

■ Game system
-Roguelike system
You will advance through the floor by capturing the dungeon of random terrain.The battle with the enemy is done automatically by the player touching it.It is also possible to erase enemies with skills without touching them.

- Bosses and shortcuts in the dungeon
There is a boss floor on the final floor of the dungeon, and if you reach it once, you can shortcut from the next time.

-Action goals
During the event, the action goal is always displayed at the top right of the screen, so you never know what to do.

- Easy mode
You can get money that can be used early by selecting Easy mode at the start.Please use it when you want to collect the H event immediately.

Production: Orange Piece
Illustration: Ippon Yu
Scenario: Ippon-yu
Text: One play
H Text: One play

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制作:Orange Piece


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