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Updated 2023-08-27
Developer Morning Explosion
Language original
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Zookeeper Mission! 2

Original title: Zookeeper Mission! 2

■ Synopsis

Natural bokeh daughter who does not know anything even though it has just become an adult, "Mini" is、
Watch the zoo keeper and the big brother's girlfriend and decide to become a zoo keeper.

I work hard at the newly opened aquarium, but there are too few visitors.

In order to save the aquarium from the deficit, the director of the bestiality video mania、
"The job of a female zookeeper is to increase revenue by shooting mating videos with marine animals."
And Mini will believe this word.

At first it was disgusting to mate with animals, but as the aquarium expanded and copulated with more marine animals
Mini will be fun to mate with male animals, fall into the sea of female pleasure, if you do not mate with marine animals
It will become unbearable.

Guide the aquarium animals to the audience, do a sea beast show, mate with the animals、
Have a good time with the kind people!

■ Game contents

- "ZookeeperMission!2" is a young lady who has just grown up, "Mini" as a keeper
 The theme of bestiality is to seek true love while raising the animals of the aquarium
 It is a love comedy simulation.

- Each time you expand the aquarium, the number of new animals you can raise will increase.
- There are a total of 13 species of animals that can be bred.
- 30 bestiality H scenes (14 bestiality H scenes + 16 dot H scenes)
 46 sub-H scenes, (26H scene + 10 dot H scene + 10 sexual harassment event)
- There are 13 animal guide events, 2 mini-games and zoo management events.

- Each time you have bestiality sex, the state of the heroine and the reaction of people on SNS change, you can check the erotic status.
- After leaving work, there are also story events and H scenes with the characters of the night.

-Recollection room H scene number 46 (There is also epilogue H scene not in the recollection room.)
- Base 24 kinds in the main character mini standing picture difference included, base 16 kinds in the character's standing picture difference included.

■ Basic system

【Aquarium Management】

- Animal Guide - Guide animals to the audience and earn additional revenue.

-Cleaning the exhibition hall - The more clean the exhibition hall of animals、
 The revenue you get when you guide will increase.

- Aquarium Filter Repair mini game - Some animal aquariums will get dirty after a certain time.
 If you guide in a dirty aquarium, your earnings will be reduced.

・ Sea Beast Show mini game - Some animals can do the show.
 It can provide a good time for the audience and earn revenue.

【Business Management】

-When you promote the aquarium, it is a system that more people visit.

 Depending on the size of the radio aquarium, you can get more revenue.

 SNS - Animal Guide, you can earn additional revenue during the show.

 TV - additional revenue can be obtained by parking, roads and ports.

 Building facilities inside and outside - You can build facilities to support visitors to the aquarium, such as roads, parking lots, and harbors.

【H Scene】

- There is CG animation in H event, animal guide event.
・ There is H voice of the heroine in the H scene.(on/off possible)
- Animal guide event, there is animal voice in the bestiality H scene.(on/off possible)
・ After watching the H scene, there is a dot H scene that you can easily see the H scene.
From the ・H option, you can choose your favorite H scene depiction.
 (There are also H scenes where the selected option is not displayed.)

 REC screen - When shooting bestiality videos, the REC screen of the camera appears.

 Breast milk - The heroine is not pregnant, but it is a constitution in which breast milk comes out.

 Pee - A female who is nervous in mating with a male cock will pee.

 Deji Miya - For the cock of the male who gave me precious semen, the pussy of the female will give out the uterus and thank you.

【Bestiality Event】

- There are 13 species of animals that appear.
 (Featured animals - sea lions, dolphins, manatees, sea otters, Beluga, animals of petting exhibition hall, Zenigata seal、
 Green sea turtles, penguins, walruses, great white sharks, polar bears, orcas)
・ There are 13 bestiality H scenes performed underwater and outdoors, and 13 dot H scenes.

-When you shoot a bestiality video after feeding the animals, the power of the animals becomes stronger and commits the mini more violently
 You can earn additional revenue.
-Before shooting a bestiality video, when you are sexually harassed or watch a sub-H scene、
 Mini can shoot more naughty bestiality videos and earn additional revenue.
・ After bestiality H with marine animals, sea animals show mini-games will be possible.

【Sub-H Event】

-In the aquarium, it is the H scene with the characters of the night after leaving work.
・ There are 10 story events and 16 H scenes, 10 sexual harassment events and 10 dot H scenes.
 (H scene with molester, co-worker in the city wandering, commuter train without wearing pants、
 Interpersonal H events such as incest sex with your brother, 3P)

【Erotic Status】

Erotic Status - Every time the heroine has sex with an animal and a person, the number and level of use of lewd degree, mouth, tits, pussy, anus change、
You can see changes in recent mating partners, the amount of semen received from males, the amount of water squirted, and the number of times sexual harassment has occurred.

SNS Status - Every time the aquarium is expanded, every time a new animal is raised, every time a show takes place、
You can check your reputation.

Adult Site Status - Every time you have bestiality sex with a new animal, on an adult site that sells bestiality videos
You can see how people react to the video.

■ attention

-It follows the operating environment of the game made by RPG Maker MZ, operation method.
-Because it may take a load for an image to be large
 It is recommended to check the operation in the trial version.

■ Scope of trial version

- The trial version can be extended to the petting exhibition hall.
 The H event is a bestiality H scene of 6 pieces to the animals of the petting exhibition hall
(Sea lions, dolphins, manatees, sea otters, Beluga) and、
 You can play 4 sub-H scenes.


■ あらすじ






■ ゲーム内容

- "ZookeeperMission!2"は大人になったばかりのお嬢さん、"ミニ"が飼育員として

- アクアリウムを拡張するたびに新しく飼育できる動物が増えていきます。
- 飼育可能な動物は計13種です。
- 30個の獣姦Hシーン (14獣姦Hシーン + 16ドットHシーン)
 46個のサブHシーン、(26Hシーン + 10ドットHシーン + 10セクハライベント)
- 13の動物ガイドイベント、2種のミニゲーム、動物園管理イベントがあります。

- 獣姦セックスをするたびにヒロインの状態とSNSでの人々の反応が変わり、エロステータスで確認できます。
- 退勤後、夜の登場人物とのストーリーイベントやHシーンもあります。

・回想部屋Hシーン数46 (回想部屋にないエピローグHシーンもあります。)

■ 基本システム


・動物ガイド - 動物を観客にガイドし、追加収益を得ることができます。

・展示館の掃除 - 動物たちの展示館がきれいであればあるほど、

・水槽ろ過器修理ミニゲーム - いくつかの動物の水槽は一定時間経つと汚れます。

・海獣ショーミニゲーム - いくつかの動物たちはショーをすることができます。



 ラジオ- アクアリウムの規模に応じて、より多くの収益を得ることができます。

 SNS - 動物ガイド、ショーの際に追加収益を得ることができます。

 TV - 駐車場、道路、港によって追加収益を得ることができます。

 館内外施設の建設 - 道路、駐車場、港など、観客がアクアリウムに訪れることを支援する施設を建設できます。



 REC画面 - 獣姦動画撮影時、カメラのREC画面が現れます。

 母乳 - ヒロインは妊娠していませんが、母乳が出る体質です。

 おしっこ - オスのチンポとの交尾で緊張したメスはおしっこをします。

 脱字宮 - 貴重な精液をくださったオスのチンポ様のために、メスのおまんこは子宮を出してお礼を申し上げます。







エロステータス - ヒロインが動物と人とセックスするたびに淫乱度、口、 おっぱい、おまんこ、肛門の使用回数とレベル変化、

SNSステータス - アクアリウムが拡張されるたびに、新しい動物が飼育されるたびに、ショーが行われるたびに、

アダルトサイト·ステータス - 新しい動物たちと獣姦セックスをするたびに、獣姦動画を販売したアダルトサイトで

■ ご注意


■ 体験版の範囲


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