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Updated 2016-09-27
Developer Melon Pants
Language jap

The Heroic Girl San-Frau


Four heroic women banded together to conquer the great demon.
They were Draco of the Sword, Namo of the Wise, Shabon of the Brave
And finally-----San-Frau of the Heroes.
Following a violent journey they arrived before the demon.

But at the precipice of glory, San-Frau asked her band:
"I wonder if what we do is truly right?"
They had committed genocide against weak, simple monsters.
They had treated fellow humans as slaves, too.
A hero's path should not be strewn with such evil deeds.
So... were they evil?

San-Frau said this to the others but, they were not disheartened.
They forge ahead to subjugate the demon, as was their destiny......

... or so they thought, but at the critical moment the demon cursed them.

What manner of misfortune awaits the damned heroes?
They do not yet know-----.


The Heroic Girl San-Frau is an action RPG:
the RPG side has various erotic distresses triggered in various places;
the action side has enemies and obstacles you must defeat or evade.
You can level up, buy better armor, turn tables on enemies, etc.
The "blue box" increases HP, the "gold box" upgrades your attacks.

When San-Frau turns from hero to demon, she can have sex
with monsters and be able to command them.

The main theme of ero scenes is "heroine assault".
Illustrations depict cross-section views in most cases.

There are 3 outfit changes as fate progresses into pregnancy, birth.

CG mode can be cheat-unlocked.

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