Kei, Daughter of the Devil poster
Updated 2018-12-25
Developer 1756 Studio
Language jap
Version 1.0

Kei, Daughter of the Devil


Once there was a long war between humans and devils.

Seeing no end, a truce was negotiated.
The grandmaster demon Dohga and the empress of humans Parena
founded a new land, where both species lived together.
Kei was the fruit of their union.

The dark times had passed. But Dohga struggled inside,
for he had forever been and was still devoted to world conquest.

"Nnnnnmmmm... I slept well. What to do today?
Oh, that's right, Father wanted me to make an appearance."

Kei set out in her usual carefree way.
Today was another ordinary day of the unordinary.

- RPG -

1756 Studio presents our 3rd RPG!!

The protagonist is the offspring of a great demon!

Meet, screw and give birth all in 5 seconds!?

Strange sexual reception from beautiful sisters and queens!

Popping underground for a vase (forgetful)

A babymaking tale about Kei, daughter of the devil

With: orgy, interspecies sex, assault, softcore ryona,
mother, daughter, sister, birth, creampie, kisekae (dressup),
RPG exploration, and RPG completion goals


When you get to the end of the game, it really starts!
You can now dressup differently for events

This game was designed to reward exploration.
Any question can be answered with enough searching.

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