NoTears Rebirth poster
Updated 2018-11-08
Developer NoTears
Language jap
Version 2.01

NoTears Rebirth

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Theme of this product: "Pure Love"

The hero rides on his adventure in order to prevent
the revival of the lord of the another dimension...

- Arne
A big sister of the hero. He calls her as "Ar-nee (where 'nee' means big sister)"
- Flare
A female leader of the knight legion. Accompanies the hero as a guard.
- Kudelica
A girl the hero will meet in the middle of the adventure.
- Elisa
The princess. Abducted by evil creatures for breaking seal of the lord of the another dimension.
- Liqueur
A devil girl. The hero will face her on his way repeatedly...

* 27 base CG + Extra

[Pure Love] refers to situations where one keeps feelings for another wholeheartedly.

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