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Updated 2018-11-08
Developer NoTears
Language jap
Version 2.00

NoTears School ~Studying with Arne~

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Set in the Elixir Academy of Magic and Science,
a new episode of the "NoTears" series begins.

Kenji, Arne and Kudelica live in peaceful days.
One day, when the school festival is scheduled soon,
Arne confesses her love to Kenji.

"You know, the school fes is just around the corner.
Let me hear your answer after the fes......"

The school festival is drawing nearer!!
What trouble will occur in the academy!?
How will their relationship change...!?

- Arne
Kenji's big sister. He calls her "Ar-nee (where 'nee' means big sister)".
Usually looks serious but turns extremely molly-coddling when placed before her beloved brother.

- Kudelica
Kenji's little sister. He calls her as "Ku-chan".
A little bit shy and quiet.

- Elisa
Kenji's childhood friend. A daughter of the principal of the academy.
Highly trusted by others but takes an arrogant attitude only to Kenji.

- Sakura
Arne's classmate. Looks sexy in contrast to good-tempered Arne.

- Koume
Kudelica's classmate. Severely suffers from "Chuni" disease.
Claims that Kudelica is her "fated rival" and annoys her all around.

* The story is not directly related to the previous work "NoTears Rebirth"
so this product can be enjoyed without having enjoyed the previous story!

* 27 CG + extra

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