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Updated 2016-07-21
Developer 1756 Studio
Language jap

Boar Princess

An adult RPG with hack and slash elements


Dispute over the throne of Lidor
led to the assassination of U'om, the expecting king.

Urura and Stela, daughters of U'om,
were entrusted by their uncle to Amon
to escape a similar fate.


Said the sprite Agii,

"Amon. You are entrusted to care for these girls.
Make them strong, their bodies vessels of vengeance they deserve.
Be vigilant and make no error in your charge! Yes?"

To which Amon replied, "Have faith, shut up and let me work!"

Said Urura, "A, are we really able to trust this man...... g, gulp......"


First, heed the words of sprite Agii
and raise the two daughters Urura and Stela.

New events can be earned by delivering
materials from the Misumi forest to the sprite.

Your choices affect the outcome. (Multiple endings)


Fellatio, defloration, masturbation, orgies,
tentacles, handcuffs, aphrodisiacs, kidnapping,
r*pe by mobu/nameless, lewd corruption



Princess of Lidor, known as the Inohime or "Boar Princess".
Entrusted to Amon to protect her from any assassins,
but she has doubts about his ability to do so...


Princess of Lidor, sister of Urura, also in Amon's care.
She takes to Amon's special training with half-interest but,
is rather involved. Keeps somewhat to the background.

Boar Princess screenshotBoar Princess screenshotBoar Princess screenshot

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