Elegy of the End ~Journey Through a Devastated World~ poster
Updated 2020-08-25
Developer Melon Pants
Rip by s-hentai

Elegy of the End ~Journey Through a Devastated World~

-- Story --
2100 A.D., the world was in ruins.
Some event in the past lead most countries to ruin,
and many of their inhabitants had lost their lives.
It felt like it wouldn't be long before humanity went extinct.

One of the few survivors, Melissa, was travelling alone.
Her goal was to find other survivors of humanity.
However, Melissa had a larger goal at hand.
That was to discover why the world ended up in its current state.

She searched and searched tirelessly to investigate this secret.
She meets a boy-ish girl named Ally on her travels,
and together, they eventually find out the staggering truth of the past...

-- Game --
An adventure RPG.
Very little battle with enemies, and focuses on enjoying the plot.

-- H scenes --
Inter-species violation
Swallowed whole
Zombie violation
Lesbian r*pe
Gang Bang

* 11 H scenes included

Download Elegy of the End ~Journey Through a Devastated World~ from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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