The end of Elegy - a travel in the devastated world- poster
Updated 2021-02-06
Developer Melon Pants
Rip by s-hentai

The end of Elegy - a travel in the devastated world-

(Product description provided by the creator.)

-- Summary --

In 2100, the world is collapsed.
Nations are collapsed and many people are died for unknown reason.
It seems that it is not long before all human will die out.

In such would, survived human, Merissa went traveling.
She has an aim to find other survivors.
And she also has an important aim.
That is, to find out the riddle of why the world was collapsed.

To complete the aim, she started to find clues for finding out the riddle.
She was eager to find even trivial.
In the travel, she met a boyish girl, Ali.
Talking with Ali, Merissa found Ali also went traveling.

Two of them hit it off with each other and started to go traveling.
They got lost, were worried about spending time, and continued to go traveling in the devastated world.
And they find out the riddle and found the shocking past....

-- Character --

* Merissa
Her father died and she has lived on searching trash
and hunting in the forest.
When she was 10 years old, she started to go traveling to know
why the world has been changed so much.
She is talented but she was so young and unexperienced that she is weak in some points.
And she sometimes upsets.

* Ali
A happy and gay girl.
Her mother has been dead before she had conscience.
She went traveling with her father
but suddenly he went somewhere.
Since then, she has gone traveling alone.
She almost forgot her father
but she also has a hope that he is still alive.
With Merissa, she started to go traveling.

-- Game --

This is Adventurer RPG.
You can enjoy the story with a few battles against enemy.

-- Sex scene --

Abnormal sex
Swallowing up
Zombie sex
Lesbian rape
Surrounded rape

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