The Disgusting Man and the Grimoire, All in One Town poster
Updated 2019-05-12
Developer SHIBAHU Cement

The Disgusting Man and the Grimoire, All in One Town

Sugoi is a disgusting man hated by the whole town.
Every day, he receives glares of disgust from women he passes by.

One day, a talking book by the name of Grimoire appears in his room,
declaring it will make him magical tools to let him
do whatever he wants to any woman.

He sets out to make the women he has always watched from far his...

- A simple exploration RPG (without battle) + CG collection
(Minimal RPG elements)

- What is the game about?
A man wanders the streets and discusses the women he sees with the Grimoire.
He will need to find certain items per its instruction,
allowing it to create magical items
which he can use to assault the women.

- This game is made using RPG TKOOL MV. Please test it with the trial version first.

- Updates (e.g. bug fixes) may be released in the future. We recommend creating an account before purchase.

- System: CG/Scene View, Temporary Window Minimization

- 12 base CGs. It's short.

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