The Hero's NTR Adventure poster
Updated 2020-04-30
Developer SHIBAHU Cement  
Version 200424]
Rip by mikocon

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The Hero's NTR Adventure


The demon lord is threatening world as usual, and this time,
hero Roy and his childhood friends, priest Marie and warrior Sasha are here to save the world.

During the journey, they encounter a strong mage, who enters their party.
However, he's not after the demon lord, he's after the girls...

The hero is weakened and cursed by the man's magic, and can contribute nothing to combat.
However, his Hero's Sword is needed to take out the demon lord, so he can't give up.

And all the while, behind his back, his party members are getting cucked...


* A side-view battle system.
* Equipment is weapons only, for simplification.
* No interspecies elements, monsters are enemies only


CG, scene gallery.
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* 21 base CG
* Made in RPG Maker MV
* Gallery function not included in the trial


Download The Hero's NTR Adventure from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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