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Updated 2022-03-18
Developer テディベア
Language original
Total size 438mb
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NTR-RPG ~ Until the prince's childhood friend becomes a sow ~

Original title: NTR・RPG~王子様な幼馴染が雌豚になるまで~

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The main character, Mamoru Sato, is a very ordinary student with no such characteristics.
The performance is medium, and the motor nerve is average.
He is not particularly talented, nor is he very good at it.
On the other hand, his childhood friend Makoto Asahisei is a perfect man of both literature and martial arts, coupled with a handsome face of losing a man, he boasted enormous popularity as a prince of the school while being a woman.

Almost air mob character hero, childhood friend heroine of popular people.
At first glance it was two people who did not seem to be involved so much, but in fact they were very good friends as they went to school together every day.
Mamoru and Makoto stand side by side, and continue to head to the school today while enjoying casual conversation.

"I'm happy enough even as it is now, if I can confess to her someday ......"

It was a hero who walked happily while thinking about such a thing, but by the appearance of a transfer student, the peace of the two quietly came to an end.

~ Character introduction ~

Mamoru Sato: A mediocre person who admits to himself and others.
           He is a childhood friend of the heroine, and he goes to school with her every day because the house is next door.

Makoto Asahisei: A superhuman heroine who is perfect in every way.
           She is treated as a prince by a female student at the school, but she is dissatisfied with the treatment.

Suzuki Takeshi : A poor man with a rich parent whose sexual roots are rotten.
           She is forced to rely entirely on her parents' power, and after a certain incident, she begins to look at her heroine.

~ Game content~
 This work is an RPG game that can NTR experience.
 Continue to progress the story from the hero's point of view, it has become a format to recollect the H scene from the heroine's point of view.
 By capturing the mystery solving mini-game that occurs in key points, you can avoid NTR events.
 However, you can also progress the NTR event by deliberately failing to capture.
 Happy ending and bad ending.It's up to the player to choose which one to choose.
 Please enjoy the NTR experience that gouges your heart.

h situation

 -oral sex.
 ・ sex.
 - Anal sex
 -Gangbang............ and so on.

~ Specifications (~

 -Basic CG number : 11 (more than 100 diffs)
 -H Number of scenes: 25 (including ED)
 - Number of endings: 5
 -The recollection room and the erotic scene are fully open switch

~Production tools~

 RPG Maker MZ




主人公の佐藤 衛(さとう まもる)は、これといった特徴のないごく普通の学生だ。
対して彼の幼馴染の朝火 誠(あさひ せい)は文武両道の完璧な人間であり、男顔負けのハンサム顔も相まって、女性ながらに学園の王子様として莫大な人気を誇っていた。





佐藤 衛(さとう まもる):自他ともに認める平凡人間。

朝火 誠(あさひ せい) :あらゆる面で完璧な超人ヒロイン。

鈴木 剛(すずき ごう) :金持ちの親をもつ性根が腐った不良。





 ・基本CG数   :11(差分100枚以上)
 ・Hシーン数   :25(ED含む)



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