NTR-RPG~ My Fox Daughter is the strongest!It's not like a middle-aged man is going to fall, is it?~ poster
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Updated 2022-06-14
Developer テディベア
Language original
Total size 715mb
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NTR-RPG~ My Fox Daughter is the strongest!It's not like a middle-aged man is going to fall, is it?~

Original title: NTR・RPG~僕の狐娘は最強なんだ!中年男なんかに堕とされるわけないだろ!~

※ When you purchase this work, please perform the operation check in the trial version in advance.


There are two worlds in this world.
One is the world where people live.One is the eternal life where things other than people live.
In the daytime it is separated by the power of sunlight, but once the dark night closes the light, the two worlds overlap.
Today also in the dark night, demons come from the eternal world.
From small pranks to big incidents, they do evil to disturb the world of people.
But I want you to be relieved.As long as they exist, the peace of the world will not be interrupted.
They are those who exorcise demons.People call them Onmyoji.

~ Character introduction ~

Abeno maple
Kaede Abeno (main character): A descendant of the venerable Onmyo family.
          He is a member of a government-sanctioned group of Onmyō (Yin and Yang) as a family, and has many achievements in subjugation.
          She has the ability to be equal to the great mysterious monster, but perhaps because of her delicate appearance, she is often mistaken for a girl.

Thousand Fox (Thousand Fox): As the name suggests, the most powerful mysterious monster who lives in a thousand years.It has a huge spiritual power that distinguishes it from other yokai.
          He often speaks of selfishness, but his personality is very calm, and he does not like to fight.
          It had been sealed in the shrine of the mountain until recently, but it was revived in the present day by the trick of magic demon.

Mara-oni: A great demon with a unique power.He uses a technique called the curse seal which he developed independently.
          In the Heian period, he set up a war on the capital by making full use of a curse seal, but it was sealed in the sacred mountain due to the activities of famous Onmyoji (masters of Onmyoji).
          However, by chance, the Taiji breaks the seal, and after that, he comes to aim for the power of a thousand Fox in order to achieve a complete revival.

Taiji Hashimoto: An ugly, fat, middle-aged man.He has a unique constitution that does not have spiritual power, day and night, molesting and voyeurism.
          Chased by a debt collector, when he was running around in the mountains, he would find the company of the seal where the magic demon sleeps.
          He is currently active as a minion of Mara-oni and plans to use the power of the curse seal he received from Mara-oni to make a thousand fox into a cage.

~ Game content~

This work is Doujin eroge that pushed the NTR element to the front.
It consists of two parts of action and daily life.In the action part, you can fight at each stage, and in the daily part you can freely stroll around the city.
NTR events occur depending on the player's choice and also affect the ending.
Either protect the heroine, or put it on the poison of a middle-aged man.Everything is your freedom.
Please choose the desired ending.

h situation

-Body modification
-oral sex.
・ sex.
- Anal sex
-Exposure play............ and so on.


- Basic CG number : 10 (Kiss 1/ HCG9 difference 100 sheets or more)
 ※ Standing picture is not included.
- Total H scene number : 40 (heroine viewpoint 21 / hero viewpoint 17/ ED2)
 ※ H scene of the hero viewpoint, it has become a shorter content than the heroine viewpoint ・ED.
  Also, please note that there is no significant change in the H scene itself.
-Endings : 3 (Happy 1/Bad 2)
-There is a recollection room and a fully open switch after clearing.

~Production tools~

RPG Maker MZ






アベノ カエデ
阿倍野 楓(主人公):由緒正しき陰陽一族の末裔。

千狐(千年狐)   :その名の通り千年の時を生きる最上位の大妖怪。他の妖怪とは一線を画す、膨大な霊力を保有する。

魔羅鬼      :特異な力をもつ大鬼。独自に開発した呪印と呼ばれる術を使用する。

ハシモト フトシ
橋本 太司    :醜く肥え太った中年男。霊力をもたない特異な体質をしており、日夜、痴漢や盗撮を行っている。






・基本CG数      :10(キス1/HCG9 差分100枚以上)
・総Hシーン数    :40(ヒロイン視点21/主人公視点17/ED2)
・エンディング数  :3 (ハッピー1/バッド2)



"NTR・RPG~僕の狐娘は最強なんだ!中年男なんかに堕とされるわけないだろ!~" by テディベア is available for you by our large game collection and is available for free download. All files of the game is 715 MB. Try playing other dirty talk and foreign objects games to find the best. Check out provided screenshots of this game to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Share this game to allow others to discover it. Find more games like this using search by tags or by category.

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