【Live2D×ASMR】召します!Succubus-san will receive your semen tonight ♪ Harapekomere's adhesion squeezed sperm ~ poster
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Updated 2023-11-17
Developer sisidolabo
Language original
Total size 3gb
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【Live2D×ASMR】召します!Succubus-san will receive your semen tonight ♪ Harapekomere's adhesion squeezed sperm ~

Original title: 【Live2D×ASMR】召しませ!サキュバスさん ~今宵もあなたの精液いただきます♪はらぺこメレの密着搾精~

[It is too erotic and the second bullet that was turned down the production to the printing house!!】
Succubus's glossy expression, naughty tits, mysterious shining in crest ......will descend to your room.

succubus, naked acrylic stand.

well, it's just for bukkake, right?
(I made it to the big size of 15cm so that it is easy to bukkake!)

It is etch that got the printing OK of the trader at last.
It is a "back thing" acrylic stand of production permission in gift limited .......
However, please enjoy the gem that is only available in the lab.

~How to apply~
Step 1 "Call me!"Please purchase "Succubus-san".
Step 2 Please submit your work review to DLsite.
Step 3 If you can confirm that your review has been posted, email it to the address below!

~To & Email Content~

Destination [email protected]
(We accept it at Megamisofuto)

➀ "Mr. Succubus Aksuta Present" in the subject line
Please use the subject line here for the email of your application.

➁ Please scroll down the user's management screen.
Please attach a screenshot so that the review can be understood as the person.

(3) Please provide the address information.
Please provide "postal code, address, name".
※It is scheduled to be sent by regular mail.

Until 12/10
※ Up to the first 20 people + As long as the budget allows (last time was able to make 50 pieces)
※Please be sure to check your user management screen (for identity verification)

Please note
➀ About the posting timing of the review
It may take some time to reflect on the work review post of DLsite.(Up to 5 days or so)

➁About the organizer of the campaign
This campaign is sponsored by "Megamisofuto".
Contact [email protected] "Please come to Kamegami's Ci-en.

(3) The winner is up to 1 Succubus.
In principle, it will be one person, so multiple applications will be invalid.






ステップ1 「召しませ!サキュバスさん」をご購入ください。
ステップ2  DLsite様に作品レビューの投稿をお願いします。
ステップ3  レビューが掲載されたのを確認できましたら外記のアドレスにメール!


宛先 [email protected]






お問合せは「[email protected]」かめがみふとのCi-enまでお願いします。


Download 【Live2D×ASMR】召します!Succubus-san will receive your semen tonight ♪ Harapekomere's adhesion squeezed sperm ~ from k2s or fboom for free.

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