Park Toucher Fantasy - MAKO ver. poster
Updated 2017-11-09
Developer Sakuranbo Elementary School
Language jap

Park Toucher Fantasy - MAKO ver.

SES presents:
A molesting ADV that's a lolicon's dream come true!

Tease a little girl in the park to your heart's content.

This product has:
ANIMATED movie scenes
FULLY VOICED little girl
TOUCHING game interactions

About the game:
Touching takes priority; we made every effort for the fun to be "doing", not reading!
Almost all story has been stripped away except for an opening, ending and hidden prologue.
Momoka Sakura performs with realism, not an exaggerated cutsey anime voice!
This is fiction, but you'll feel your pants bulge at her realistic, restrained portrayal.
Cumshots are animated! Scenes can be quick-skipped with F5!
There are multiple directions to explore, simple yet satisfying endings for all,
and you can quit out and pick up again at-will. The game is made for "practical" pleasure!

Narrative excerpt:
My name is XYZ (customizable).
That day, for a change of pace, I watched people come and go in the park.
(From here, there are subtle variations in "closet lolicon" style.)
... I wasn't looking for "that". Really, I'm only into 2D.
... I enjoyed a peek now and then, but I also respect boundaries. The law's the law.
... It's not that I'm a lolicon per se. My fantasies were pretty vanilla.
She was extremely young, innocent in a way that even teens quickly forget.
So, imagine my shock when she started masturbating in full view...!
It was like an anchor dropped inside me. It was disorienting. A girl so young
shouldn't have any sort of sexuality, but she was overflowing with it.
Almost like an out-of-body experience, I took out my penis.
What was I doing?
I was jacking off to this little girl.
Disgraceful. No, disgraceful at first, as I struggled to grasp the situation.
This was the garden of Eden. She was Eve, doing the forbidden thing, but Eden
wasn't a garden of sin until Eve ate the apple. Nothing was disgraceful.
I was probably the snake. Or the apple. But even so...

That just meant this young girl and I were fated to be together.
A bond between us... two people enjoying their bodies.

Where else would this relationship go?

Mako (CV: Momoka Sakura)

Art by Miso Oden
Scenario by Tadaki Todorokimaru

14 H scenes, 4 event images, 1 pose (all base CGs)
41 routes (incl. variations of orgasm)
1240 total video files
2200 total voice files
700kb scenario file
A cumulative playtime of estimated 12 hours

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