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Updated 2020-11-22
Developer karaage-tomato
Total size 845mb
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Parallel Sword ~I Look Just Like the Hero, So...~

2020: 11/14
We received some reports and advice from the buyer
We've made some minor corrections.
It's a great game, but it's a great game to play.

- This work is RPG Maker MV made
- We recommend the operation check in the trial version
-If you have any problems, please contact Ci-en
I think we can reach the ending in about -2 to 3 hours
- The event can be fully released after reaching the true end
- All three kinds of ending conditions, event occurrence conditions can be confirmed in the recollection room
- You can purchase H Event full release items
・Trial version is a specification that returns to the title in the achievement of a certain value of progress-level of a certain value of the story
- You can move to the load screen with the A key during the event(not available for important events)
- You can temporarily erase the message window by entering the Q key, or cancel the temporary erase by re-entering the message window

~ Synopsis~

Alise, a girl who lives in a small church.

She learned the teaching of serving God, and she grew up as a good-hearted sister.
He was surrounded by abandoned children and orphans who were in the same situation as him, and lived a peaceful life.
But life in the church is poor, and Alise, troubled by financial difficulties, finally
He decides to sell his body in the capital.

It was the emissary of the Youma tribe that came to her at such a time.

It was Alise who visited the king of Youma while wondering、
"I want you to become a woman hero who looks like yourself and spread her notoriety"
It would be an unexpected request.
Arise is anguished, but accepts the request from the Youma King in exchange for a large sum of money.
He is the only one who has the power to defeat the king of demons.

On the other hand, arezza who is a real hero does not know that his fake appeared Tsuyu
I was hunting around monsters as I wanted.……

"False hero Alise" and "hero alezza".
The appearance is the same, but how is the ending that two people who are opposite in character and creed follow.

~Simple operation explanation~

- Go through the map as many dice as you can to complete the event
- Since there is no specific destination, please proceed as you like the map from the information obtained in the main city
- New events will be released depending on the level up and action of Alise
- Battle mass is Lv.Since it is divided by 1 to 5, please challenge from the low level at first
- You can check the opening conditions of the H event in the recollection room
※ You can purchase the event full release items at the tool shop of the main city

~H Event Part menu~

- Become a cooperative relationship with a merchant whom you met by chance, and get a hand-solving of sex
- He was mistaken for alezza at the tavern, and he got drunk, and he took it back to the inn.
- The weakness is seized by the guards of the checkpoint,and it will be the torture of the shame every night
- Bring the evil Brat of the church to his room, and it would be a mischief H in the name of sex education
- Appeared in erotic videos in norinori is asked by the millionaire of the hobbyist, exposing the Ahegao

And so on.
In this work, we've tried to pattern the loss of virginity.
In addition, if you aim for the true end, please proceed with the game while keeping the purity
As I wrote in the introduction, the play time is expected to be about 2 to 3 hours
"We recommend that you save before going to the true end route』

Use 3D custom girl
SS has paid MOD introduction + image processing by itself
If you have any problems, please do it to Ci-en
If a fatal bug occurs, it may take some time to fix it

















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