F4: Fatal Fate, and a Final Fist - Ver2.1 poster
Updated 2019-08-28
Developer CircleKAME
Language rus

F4: Fatal Fate, and a Final Fist - Ver2.1

Please see the trial version to get a sense of the game and check compatibility.
Recommend purchase with a member's account for free access to add-ons, patches.
This version focuses more on RPG aspect than the ecchi content (scheduled to be added later).

Recommended for someone who...
- is charmed by the aggressive style of a martial artist in mini-skirt
- likes to see a long-haired beautiful woman molested
- thought "you pink you are going too far" in DD
- has a fetish for topless and bottomless
- is ok with prostitution element

In this game, the protagonist runs into deep debt before he knew it and
tries to pay it back and gets involved in some conspiracy.
No game overs except some bad endings.

Artwork credit: Roudoc2 and Takami Nao from Aozora Ichiba

This product is created with RPG Tkool VX Ace (playable as is).

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