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Updated 2020-07-21
Developer karaage-tomato
Total size 627mb
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Luna Breaker - Using A Demon to Defeat the Demon Lord!

2020: 10-11
We've Made Easy mode even easier for the retail version
Runachan will become an invincible battery

~Introduction (please be sure to read) ~
This work has been produced in RPG Maker MV
We strongly recommend that you check the operation in the trial version
Recommended operating environment
"RPG Maker MV made game to work without hindrance"and
"Trial version to work without hindrance" and we will

Standing picture other we have created by"3D custom girl".
Pose data and clothes, etc. were allowed to use some of the paid ones.
We also have a mix of screenshots processed by ourselves.

~ Synopsis~
The kingdom of Elias has been a peaceful period for a long time.
However, one day, the neighboring kingdom of laurad is led by someone who calls himself the"Demon King"
It is occupied by an army of demons, and the Demon King's army has sent troops to neighboring countries, including the kingdom of Elias.
The progress was started.
In order to compete against monsters that can fly freely in the sky, Vio, the royal palace magician of Elias
The inhabitants of Makai-Luna are forced to summon to the human world.
Runa, who has one of the most powerful powers in asmodae, repels a group of the Demon King's Army、
He explains to Vio that he can only produce about one percent of the original power due to the difference in the environment.
So Luna uses the magical power obtained by defeating monsters to strengthen herself
"I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.
This is how Luna was supposed to help humans, but from the familiar Fili
"There is also a hand that converts the semen that was poured to etch with a human man to magical power♪」
She said: 'I was told by a suspicious smile.
Runa has no knowledge of sexual intercourse at all.、
It will be embraced by an unspecified number of men if it is for magical power replenishment……

~Operation method and rule explanation ~
(Key config default time, we will explain again in the game)

STG part
- Move up, down, left, and right diagonally with the four-way Key, and move slowly by pressing the Shift key at the same time
- Use a key to fire a regular bullet in the right straight line
- Use the S key to consume a small amount of HP and spread through bullets
- Activate skills equipped with the D key, you can not activate if MP is insufficient
- Press the r key to move to the pause and load screen
- If you destroy a certain number of small fish enemy, you will be transferred to the boss stage
- To save file 6 at the start of stage、
 Auto-save will be made to save file 7 in the boss stage

〇 ADV Part
・Use the four-way key to select an action in the morning-afternoon phase
You can move to the load screen with the-R key.
- As mentioned above, save files 6 and 7 will be auto-saved、
 We recommend using Files 1-5

※If there is a problem in the game, please contact the Circle in the direction of Ci-en.
We will fix it as soon as possible, but we may take some time if we need to make a major fix.

~H Event Part menu~
- Youth and virginity loss etch of the mage who became a caretaker
- Daily training sex in the room of the strong knight commander of the S damn
- Dohama to exposure masturbation started from curiosity
- Be invited by young adventurers, but be brought to the inn as it is vaginal cum shot orgy
- Service part-time job at a brothel run by the asmodian of the same town
- It is known that it is a hidden masochist, and it is treated as a meat urinal until the morning in the prison by soldiers

There may be some terrible sex that makes you want to cover your eyes?
Items to view event release tips and
We also have items that you can release all the events

~Image material introduction~

〇 Cooking image material
- Thank you.

Image material for STG boss monster
- Zexter
- ART111
- Einsatz
(It is possible to use it for commercial use, and processing and modification are also possible, so we added a little modification.)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.)







〇 STGパート




などなど 中には目を覆いたくなるような凄惨なエッチもあるかも?



この場を借りてお礼申し上げます ありがとうございました)

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