Fulfilling Days ~彼女にとっての充実した日々~ poster
Updated 2021-09-20
Developer karaage-tomato
Total size 531mb

Fulfilling Days ~彼女にとっての充実した日々~

※ 2021 year 9 month 20 day
Since we received reports of bugs, we have made adjustments to the plugin a little bit.
This is the best app I have ever used.
It is thought that it is likely to cause trouble when it is incorporated into a new version.
There is no change in the game content itself
Please do not migrate the save data between old and new versions.

~ Introduction ~ (Please read it by all means)
- This work is made of RPG Maker MV, we recommend checking the operation in the trial version
i think we can reach the end in about -1 to 2 hours
- The event will be fully released after the ending is reached
- You can play until after the third training event viewing in the trial version
- You can move to the load screen with the W key during event occurrence
- Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
- Mouse operation is required in the night phase and recollection room


Torunesaburo is a self-proclaimed nice guy who enjoys a free-spirited life.

he works for a cleaning company.
I was bored by the monotony of everyday life and starved of entertainment that scorched my body.
one day, from hiiragi tomoyo who recently joined as a clerk
The only trivial trouble is asked to resolve the frustration in the cut.

"Or, do not you do naughty things in the company...... please"

it is Saburo who had only seen Tomoyo as a dismal woman with few words until then、
I agree with two replies to the request from her unexpected.

(I found a good killing time♪)

The purpose of Saburo who smiles so is not to make Tomoyo feel good with sex.
Tame Tomoyo who is also a lover of a colleague, and tailor it to a convenient meat urinal of your choice、
It is only to distort the propensity until it can not be returned to an ordinary woman again.

Saburo who has made it the pleasure of life to train the woman who aimed thoroughly
The next day, he begins to take action in order to get rid of the masochist.

~ Simple operation explanation~
- This work requires both mouse operation and keyboard operation
- Earn points by playing mini-games in the daytime phase、
It is a method that unlocks the H event in the night phase using that point
- For the rules of the mini-game, please refer to the description and introduction video in the work
- When you reach one of the endings, you can choose whether to release the event completely
- Game over does not exist
- There is no ending other than the depravity of the heroine

~ Some of the event menu ~
- Do naughty mischief so as not to be found by the boyfriend during work and make it cum
- Sneak into the company of the night when there is no one and enjoy sex here and there
- After being aware that it will be cheating, take it to a love hotel and carefully pick up pleasure
- Take a report video cuckold asked to cooperate with the AV director of the acquaintance
- It is discovered by other colleagues that it is etched in the company and it is destroyed as it is……

and so on.
You can view all the H events even if the game difficulty level is low and you are playing carelessly now also basically
A clerk with glasses with big tits who lacked sociability with few words is cuckold
Please enjoy being changed to a pervert masochist woman who can only think of getting loved by a man

Use 3D Custom Girl
SS introduces paid MOD+performs image processing on its own
















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