Ai, the Caring Wife Who Can't Refuse Any Requests (Even Creampies) poster
Updated 2020-02-29
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Ai, the Caring Wife Who Can't Refuse Any Requests (Even Creampies)

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You return back to your hometown after getting accepted into university at age 18,
and happen upon the neighborhood girl who used to look after you when you were young.
She's become even more beautiful, more bountiful, more erotic than ever in the six years the two of you have been apart.
Of course, she's married, but you come to learn that she is unable to refuse requests, no matter what.
Since she was your first love and all, and even now you hold some lusty delusions of being with her, you request sex.

"I can't believe it....but if you ask me like that, there's no way I can say no..."
"Just once though, okay? And this is a secret!"

But alas, more and more hardcore requests were to come...

[What kind of game is it?]

You must train a young wife (but 6 years older than you) as your own sexual toy.
Since she's sexually unfulfilled in her marriage, you're going to remedy that with lots of horny plowing!
Make more and more requests of her until her body and soul are devoted to you.

[What kind of requests can you make?]

- Showing you her tits in the hallway
- Giving you an under the table blowjob while you're eating together with her and her husband
- Declaring she will become your woman as you fuck her
- Using your dick to climax after receiving anal training
- Magical girl cosplay
- Repeated forced orgasms
- Wearing super revealing clothes like a young gal
- Making a cheating confession video

After getting repeatedly fucked over and over, this young wife is corrupted into your masochistic plaything.

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