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Updated 2019-10-30
Developer Gimmix
Language jap
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2.12 (96)

AiMai: Gimic LOw Sho Higashiyama

Presenting the full color fully voiced motion comic!
Lolita bishoujo ero manga animated like a movie!
Includes 2 titles on the theme of "big brother loves little sister"
by creator Sho Higashiyama.

- I Know You Know -
Each night, he satisfies his desire with his sleeping sister.
Eventually she finds out, but he's defiant...

- Amapola -
Hinako has a complex about her large clitoris.
Her parents leave her alone with her aggressive older cousin.
It's too much to hope that he won't expose it...

Cast (CVs): Nozomi Yoneshima / Mako Ayane
/ Tatsuto Koumoto / Tetsuto Furukawa

Highly customizable options:
Female voice, male voice, BGM on/off options
Hands-free mode & looping movie manual mode
(Simple one-touch change with the space bar)
All features are accessible via keyboard

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Official site:

AiMai: Gimic LOw Sho Higashiyama screenshotAiMai: Gimic LOw Sho Higashiyama screenshot

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