OniAi: Gimic LOw Sho Higashiyama poster
Updated 2019-01-31
Developer Gimmix
Language jap

OniAi: Gimic LOw Sho Higashiyama

Presenting the full color fully voiced motion comic!
Lolita bishoujo ero manga animated like a movie!
Includes 2 titles on the theme of "little sister loves big brother"
by creator Sho Higashiyama.

A boyish imouto who is unmistakeably female with female urges.
But one drunken night, those urges are satisfied with her own brother.
When they realize what they've done, the exciting fear
of the relationship...

- Flim -
For some reason I started an affair with my friend's older brother.
He's very delicate and doesn't ever push to take my virginity.
But I want him to. I want it so bad...

Cast (CVs): Jun Oba / Yuina / March Hazuki / Sachi Yuzuki
/ Tomoki Shimada / Yasuharu Tomono

Highly customizable options:
Female voice, male voice, BGM on/off options
Hands-free mode & looping movie manual mode
(Simple one-touch change with the space bar)
All features are accessible via keyboard

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Official site:

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