Akazawa RED MANIAX"Izutsun" poster
Updated 2019-01-31
Developer Gimmix
Language jap
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Akazawa RED MANIAX"Izutsun"

This is the first part of Akazawa RED's popular work "Vampire Subject" (volumes 1-3) in full color and fully voiced motion comics.

Mamoru is a cute boy destined to inherit a shrine , but he ends up the mere sex toy of a beautiful vampire named Izudera who was originally sealed away by the sacred treasures of Shinto. Mamoru becomes Izudera's next meal as he drowns in the sweet sex she gives him.
In order to save their brother from this fate his shrine maiden sisters put their bodies on the line!!

*Both males and females have their own voice ON/OFF toggle!

*An easy to use auto and manual play toggle included as well!!

Try out the demo version on your computer before purchasing.

Akazawa RED MANIAX"Izutsun" screenshotAkazawa RED MANIAX"Izutsun" screenshot

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