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Updated 2022-03-29
Developer Lizard
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Distorted: Queendom

Original title: Distorted: Queendom

■ Game Overview
It is 18 forbidden fantasy feature RPG with emphasis on story and character, and game nature.

Rare equipment, armour, camp upgrades, and more、
We will continue to advance the game by strengthening the character with various elements at the base.

The play time depends on the style, but it is assumed about 45-55 hours.It is a one-way scenario.
As the story progresses, the system will gradually open up gradually.
It is a type of game to play with a waist, there is no sense of convenience at all.

■ Story
The main character Alicia takes over a small country and challenges a mighty enemy.
It is a story of a collision between ego and ego, which is far from Kanzen Choaku and so on.
Please enjoy the world full of bright, fun, intense and violent.

■H scene tendency
CG, standing picture is not by example.Text main.The number of scenes is 79, additional scenario 7, a total of 86 scenes.
Reverse rape and male acceptance is the main, but on the story development, there is also a scene where girls are done.

This work will be the final sequel to the previous work, Distorted.
( )
You can see the simple synopsis of the previous work first.(Distorted in 5 minutes)
In addition, there is also an explanation such as standing position in the previous work in the archive to the continued character.

■ About trial version
You can see 12 H scenes in the trial version.The play time is about 6 hours ~.
You can play until the beginning of the first chapter.Save data can be transferred to the product version.
The current trial version is Trial v1.12.

* This work has been produced in RPG Maker MV.Please check the operation in the trial version.


■ Update [v3.01]
- Fixed a bug that caused player characters to move faster and slip through the map in the middle of the scenario added in v3.00.
- Fixed that some recollections were not played.
- Auto-death bug occurs in additional scenarios, so some ornaments are erased after the final chapter
■ Update [v3.00]
- New short episodes added (H Event 7 scenes added)
- Added New Game+
- Typo correction
■ Update [v2.00]
- Add new episodes







( )

現在の体験版のバージョンは Trial v1.12 です。



■アップデート [v3.01]
■アップデート [v3.00]
・新短編エピソードを追加 (Hイベント7シーン追加)
・New Game+を追加
■アップデート [v2.00]

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