Nanaka during a nap poster
Updated 2020-05-06
Developer fernandeath

Nanaka during a nap

I thought my little sister, Nanaka, to be a mere child, but I realized she also grew.
She was sleeping too unguarded that I could not help myself teasing her sexually...

This product is divided into two parts: touch game part and movie part.
If you manage to make her cum without waking her up in the touch game part,
then you are proceeded to the movie part.

Scenes includes fellatio, missionary, lateral, doggy style, woman on top, masturbation.
Except the masturbation scene, "finish" button is always functional.
Once you play through, you can watch movies freely in galary mode.

Please refer to "How to Play" guide in the sample image 3 for the game play.

Voice acting by Hatsuen Sawai

Nanaka during a nap screenshotNanaka during a nap screenshotNanaka during a nap screenshot

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