Submissive Magic Warrior 2 ~Inma's Training~ poster
Updated 2022-03-15
Developer GonGoroGon
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Submissive Magic Warrior 2 ~Inma's Training~

Original title: 服従の魔法戦士2 ~淫魔の調教~

The "collar of obedience" is attached, and the relentless blame of the Imma continues to the Mirai of the magic warrior who can not go against it.(It will be the sequel to "The Magic Warrior of Obedience".))

Based on "Magic Warrior of Obedience" 01-20, which published images on Ci-en site, etc., I added animation to the H scene and made it a work.
It will be an adventure game with lots of 3D animations.
(There are 19 H animation scenes)

Voice: Yuka-sama
In this work, the voice is only an animation scene.

First of all, I would be happy if you can try only the trial version.
※ Even when you purchase, please be sure that it works without problems in your environment in the trial version first.

【Character Introduction】

■Mirai Maizaka

He is an ace of magic warriors.
It has a top-class magical power among magic warriors, and has defeated many asmodians and subhumans.They are called "red witches" and are feared by Asmodians and subhumans.

I was caught by the brother of the Inma bad luck and am now wearing a "collar of obedience" where the magic power out after the battle.(Content of the work "Magic Warrior of Obedience")

His personality is gentle and caring.He is usually quiet and does not like to stand in front of people.
There is a trauma to the tentacles, and there is a strong fear and disgust for the tentacles.











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