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Updated 2020-12-24
Developer Chikko

Wonder M

Wonder M
The soldier of love from a far away star arrives to save the Earth from the evil army, and preserve peace.
Today, she batters countless enemies all by herself as usual.
However, unknown to her, a certain man has hatched a plan to defeat her...

A command battle game about fighting one enemy.
H scenes can occur depending on your battle commands.
All 4 endings contain H scenes

- Simple controls; simply choose from the commanders on the left.
- Plenty of motions of the female characters
- Powerful skills that can be used with MP and TP.
- You receive points when you are defeated, which you can use to power up.
- Your H commands increase as your victories mount
- You can actively control movies during combat with commands (Over 20 movies)
- The girl has lots of lines and responses during sex
- Almost all penetration sex contains a finishing animation.

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