My Beloved Sister Got a Boyfriend, so I Punished Her On Video! poster
Updated 2020-09-21
Developer Almonds & Big Milk
Rip by s-hentai

My Beloved Sister Got a Boyfriend, so I Punished Her On Video!

I've got a cute little sister. She's so cute that no one can resist.
I love her not just as a brother, but as a man.
I believe that one day she'll see me as more than a relative.

...But recently, she got a boyfriend.
They haven't been an item for too long, but this Sunday they're
going on a date at the zoo. I know exactly what the guy's thinking.

At the zoo, there are couples and families all over the place!
It'd be so easy to hold her hand...
It's the perfect place take their relationship to the next step.

Then they'll go to a fancy restaurant with a great view.
They might even do a toast. He's researched, after all.
And that'll be the perfect time for him to suggest that
they go to a hotel for a "break" after all that walking around.

And then he... he's going to steal my precious sister's virginity!

I won't forgive him -- and I won't forgive my sister either!
But I know what to do. I'll make her mine, just like in all my pornos...

[Touching Mechanics]
Pin your little sister down and rape her!
And of course, it's all on video!
Use the mouse to commence the humiliation! Select a button on the left and violate her accordingly.
With 60 frames per second, anything you do plays out smoothly!
There's slapping, blowjobs, groping, cunnilingus, vibrators, anal, and even more ways to punish her!

*There's a little blood with the big vibrator.

Norio Takagi
Collects idol DVDs and creepshots of pretty cosplayers.
A self-centered, argumentative nerd who's usually very nice to his sister.
With no job or sexual experience, he masturbates a lot and doesn't go outside except for cosplay events.

Miyu Takagi.
Norio's little sister. She likes cute things and fashion.
She's got a bright and gentle personality, but has a pretty low opinion of her brother. She's also quite popular.

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