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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer acerola
Language jap
Total size 1gb
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Treasure Hunter Claire ~Cum Collecting Adventurer~

* Version 1.07

The epic battle between the hero and demon lord
ended and peace returned to the lands once more---

In such a peaceful world, our protagonist named
Claire, makes a living as a treasure hunter!
In search of great relic said to grant whatever wish
you may have she makes her way to Alstromelia.

Upon arriving and without any other information to
go off, she heads to a shrine in the north of town
on the advice of a young girl.

There she finds something that resembles the treasure
in question and upon touching it... she was teleported
to a mysterious place and confronted by a Goddess.

In exchange for granting her wishes, she ends up
helping the goddess with some 'problems' but to do
that she must first undergo a certain ritual.

A ritual that involves... getting naked... and...
...losing her virginity!!

While shocked by the sudden turn of events she was,
Claire could feel a source of power welling up inside.
This very power is the power of a hero!
The power to beCUM Stronger! Explained the Goddess.

...And thus began Claire's Cum Collecting Adventure!

- This time there are 3 at max controllable characters!
You can choose who you want to take along for a more
strategic approach to playing the game and of course,
more candy for your eyes when encountering events!!

- Collect Cum to BeCUM Stronger!
The protagonist Claire is the descendant of a certain hero! ;)

- Sexual Desire
When this parameter is high, you can perform more kinds of sex!
Increases when using skills or by being sexually harassed.

- Lewdness
In this release there are two parameters of lewdness.
S (sadist) and M (masochist).
When these parameters become high, the protagonist
will become more and more perverted, seeking out pleasure!
Of course, when they reach a certain level...!?
Or tip to one side or the other (S vs M)......!!?

- Karma Parameter
Increases & decreases depending on your actions.
If you do too many bad things...!?

- Dress Up System
In order to display Claire in all her cuteness,
you can change 5 parts of her clothing appearance.
Top, Bottom, Bra, Panties, Optional.
Enjoy your adventure in the outfit of your choice!

- Embarrassment
While she can change her outfit,
it's not like Claire doesn't feel any shame at all.
Highly exposing outfits will cause her to become
embarrassed and she may not even wear them at all.
This parameter will decrease the more
she ends up in erotic and sexual situations.

- Begging System
Just as the name implies, you can beg for cum!
Use it wherever and whenever you can for some creamy joy!

- In Battle SEX
When you are caught in battle, you'll be r*ped!
Upon being r*ped, you will lose HP but gain CUM.
Depending on how you want to play, proactively
going around in search of violation may be... desirable?

- Intimacy System
This time, the sub characters have a 'love parameter'.
Usually it costs to hire them but increase this parameter
to the MAX and they'll work for free.
Also, when you increase their intimacy... things get... intimate...!?

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