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Updated 2015-06-29
Developer acerola
Language jap
Total size 560mb
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The Epic Quest of Passion Hero Erina: Erotic Worldsaver's Tale


So begins a tale 1000 years in the making.
1000 years ago, the fall of a great demon
heralded an historic age where humankind and monsterkind
lived in harmony with nary an attack on each other.
That is how the world today came to be.

Henry, Sasha and Erina lived happily
in the carefree capitol of Wilhelm.
One day they left the city for the lush mountains to gather fruits and vegetables.

That was where they met a kindly monster named Pokko.

Monsters had coexisted quietly outside the capitol
since the great demon's fall 1000 years ago.
They were trusted creatures. You could interact with them.
So it was that Erina took this Pokko as her companion.

The monster told Erina that, for the first time in centuries,
a dark shadow of danger was taking shape.
The great demon was reborn, gaining strength in a remote region.
It was now powerful enough to spread "disgrace",
influencing monsters to attack humans once again.

Erina wanted to do something. She vowed to suppress
the rising "disgrace". Pokko pledged allegiance to Erina.

Together they would save the world.

She may know nothing, this young girl
but she was one to keep her vow, and any lesser promises
made during her quest.

So begins a new tale. The unlikely, often erotic tale of
Passion Hero Erina.


- Seiyoku (urge)
Accumulated in battles and through map events.
Spend it by having sex with people for "seieki",
which will help Erina level up.
Accumulating too much seiyoku, and likewise
too much sex, will rapidly lead to "nympomania".

- Yokujodo (passion level)
Having sex also increases Erina's yokujodo.
If this gets too high Erina will get "nymphomania".
Too much Yokujodo will change how people perceive her,
and she won't be able to get items or things!
Get a potion called "Inran Iran" from a certain woman
to lower the yokujodo.

- Nymphomania
A debauched status with considerable downside.
All powers are reduced by -20%.
Shops will refuse Erina and people will treat her different.
To cure "nymphomania" she must be baptized
in a church or use an item of cleansing.

- Seieki (XP)
Erina gains experience by collecting "seieki" from sex.
In a standard RPG this would be called XP,
so think of collecting semen as sex-P or XXXP.
* Monster assaults can produce experience.
* Erina can get pregnant from too much.

- Oshikko meter (urine)
Drinking potions, water and so on
will increase Erina's "oshikko meter"
When the meter is maxed out she must pee.
If she doesn't pee voluntarily, she'll wet herself,
which is kind of exciting and naughty.
Hence, her yokujodo will increase.

- plus naming, quests, cosplay, sex appeal, voice, battle and other systems

Turn voice acting on and off as you please!
Invite sexual harassment with sexy outfits!


The Epic Quest of Passion Hero Erina -Erotic Worldsaver's Tale-
14 kinds of cosplay! 56 total CGs!
Lewdness awaits in pixel and traditional art forms.

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