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Updated 2020-04-28
Developer acerola
Language eng
Version 1.03


Colette the Cum Collecting Alchemist

* ver1.14

* Story

Deep in the mountains lived two peaceful girls.
One was the mysterious girl, known as Priscilla the Alchemist,
and her student who she had found and raised called Colette.

Priscilla had invented her own form of alchemy that used cum,
and had been living a lazy life while sharing her teachings with Colette.

However, an unexpected visitor came by one day,
and Priscilla had decided to leave the mountain.

Now, Colette must finally live on her own.

Though Colette had the skills to be a professional alchemist,
she still had some reservations about cum collecting.

Priscilla decided to give one final lesson to help Colette,
and Colette was able to experience her "first time".

Having made her first cum collection and success in alchemy,
Priscilla was able to let Colette leave the nest and go off into
the world on her own.

Colette the Cum Collecting Alchemist-
She will go on a journey where she will make new connections,
help those in need, and end up in various incidents.

Her grand adventure begins!

* System:
- Alchemy
By combining materials and [cum], you can create new items!
You can use the cum that your comrades collect as well, so collect
lots of cum and gather various materials!

- Control up to 3 Characters!
Choose characters from the guild and take them on your journey!

- Hornyness level
When the Hornyness amount is high, you can perform more intense
sexual interactions. It increases as you use skills and get sexually harassed.

- Lewdness level
This time the Lewdness has S & M amounts, that increases through sex.
The higher the amount, the more sexually promiscuous she becomes.
When the Lewdness and Hornyness reach a certain point she...!?
Then the S or M amount reaches a certain point she...!?

- Karma level
Karma goes up/down when she does good or bad things.
If she does good things, the meter doesn't increase, and sometimes goes down.
However, if she does lots of bad things the meter increases and...!?

- Pleading system
This system allows her to plead for cum!
It applies to the sub-characters as well, and use this command to collect
lots and lots of cum!

- Fetish system
The girls each have their preferred sexual activities.
By repeating a certain sex act, it can awaken a fetish within her and...!?

- Mid-battle sex
If captured during battle, she will be violated.
Though her health will decrease after being violated, she can also obtain cum.
Going out of your way to get violated and obtain cum is also a viable technique!

- Approval system
The sub-character girls have an approval rating meter.
Though hiring them costs money, when their approval rating reaches MAX,
you no longer have to pay to hire them.
* In addition, when the approval rating increases...!?

* We have created new pixel and music material for this work!
Enjoy even more lewd pixel H!

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