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Updated 2015-06-29
Developer acerola
Language jap
Language jap
Version 1.06

Magical Change Alice

Behold! The coming of Acerola's customizable avatar RPG!
Featuring a total of [46] CGs
A volume of over 200 H scenes


Once upon a time in a world of science and magic,
there was a young girl named Alice.
Alice was the grandchild of a renowned archmage.
She dreamed of becoming a mage like him but,
regrettably, she had not inherited his talents.

Alice's grandfather used his influence to enroll Alice in Magical School,
with the condition that she serve on the student council.
Her duty was to fulfill the various requests of the teachers and students.
Alice wasn't exactly thrilled but she knew
by successfully fulfilling each request she inched closer to
becoming the archmage she aspired to be.

Alice submitted to daily hardships and trials of the spirit.
Meanwhile, beneath the school, a dark demon who Alice's
grandfather had once vanquished and sealed away
was slowly resurrecting...

Only this time, it was Alice's responsibility to stop the demon.
For an ordinary girl, is that even possible?

Little by little, the stakes of Alice's magical school life are rising...


* Change Alice's outfit, eye color, breast size...!
* Choose her hair color and hairstyles! Adorn her with cat ears!
* You can edit the heroine any time!


Alice, the heroine, is an inherent non-magical human.

She levels up with semen.

As a member of the student council Alice is busy at school,
but she can also undertake requests from villagers.

Alice's "karma" rises or falls based on good and bad deeds...

Her "desire" also rises when she's harassed or uses magic.
She can dispel desire by masturbating or using items.
With desire comes "lewdness", and if that's high enough
the game's ending will change in ways you can (not?) predict!

* Check out the NEW free playable trial, with voice acting!
(Sorry, save data cannot be transferred to the full game.)

Download Magical Change Alice from k2s or fboom for free.

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