Revenge Chronicle of the Demon Queen poster
Updated 2016-09-18
Developer nagiyahonpo
Language jap

Revenge Chronicle of the Demon Queen

* Prologue

-----The ultimate showdown.

They both knew that the future hinged on this battle.

It was a clash of human versus demon. Good versus evil.

The hero triumphed and the queen was sealed away.

Thus, she was forgotten... but not gone.

Now begins her story of revenge.

* Game

Guide the eternally young demon queen
on a quest of vengeance against the hero.
There are human adventurers who will try to stop her.
Sometimes they attack sexually.
Sometimes, she can recruit monsters to her cause.
Be certain, the path is full of danger.

* Whoring & Shame

High pride has the furthest to fall.
Sometimes she must kill pride for the sake of money.

She struggles with "delivery health" as an escort...
Can she get through this hardship?
Once the queen ruled the world...
Has she lost not only her power, but her self?

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