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Updated 2022-02-15
Developer MOKO
Language original
Total size 1gb
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Original title: ロリコニア~ちっちゃなぷにあなに変態悪戯調教~


There is a communal living facility where little girls without relatives live.
... It was a temporary figure to endure the world, and it was a naughty facility of a vip purveyor in fact!
The main character who was suddenly assigned as the manager of the so, to return the huge debt of the facility、
Together with the little girl of the facility that is too perverted, to spend an exciting day!!

Up・and-coming & veteran painter × metamorphosis SM trainer-Peach Fox of the topic in SNS
An unheard of Lolita training adventure game!

【Recommended points】
-All the girls are trained, and the perverts who are always exposed over there!All the daily scenes are under the story & metamorphosis of the story!
-Because it is a collection of short stories with good tempo like a four-frame manga, it is an erotic novel game that you can enjoy casually anytime!
-All erotic scenes are mischievous training of the super metamorphosis class of Peach Fox design!I let you receive a shame play that is unrelenting even if it is small!

Erotic CG: Basic picture 18 sheets (excluding standing picture) * Difference included 41 sheets
Local up・cut-in: 1 basic picture - difference 13 parts
Minimum play time: 4~6 hours (when playing at the maximum speed of auto mode)
Manuscript number of characters: About 200,000 characters (about 2 light novels)
CG viewing mode and recollection viewing mode available

【Characters & Play Contents】
Manager Takatoshi
The role of Tsukkomi.

良い(Sora)-chan (height: 95cm Room number:03 illustrated by のmeooru-like)
The most innocent and energetic rat-eared child in Lolikonia.It is always full view because of the bag.
Erotic Scene (1): Anal Sex with Trumpet & Pussy inserted into keyboard harmonica wiping mouth
Erotic scene (2): Omanko in Cusco ●■ーー and rotor●▲●●&★■■■★ Ball case

よ佳(よ佳)-chan (Height:102cm Room number:04 illustrated by様ちぅち様)
A sheep ear child who loves to take a nap.I love the plush hichan.Because it is a see-through dress, it is always full view.
Erotic Scene (1): Pee in a plastic diaper ~Pee from everyone~
Erotic Scene (2): Forced to your favorite stuffed ●ーー Play

Asuka-chan (height:110cm Room number: 05 illustrated by Wamoza)
A bird-eared child who loves sweets and is trick-or-treat every day.Because it is pumpkin pants with holes, it is always full view.
Erotic scene (1): Semen injection by inserting a funnel in the pussy ~ Semen added in the passage of time ・ I can not go home until I drink it up ~
Erotic scene (2): ●■■ andー●● the toothbrush scrape ~■●ー■ Toothpaste and ★★★● Gargle ~

み虎(みと)-chan (Height:117cm Room number:06 illustrated byと部のとすさ様)
Tiger ears full of wild taste.He is always in full view because his partner, Tiger, is living in his pants.
Erotic scene (1): Forced estrus & Whole body rotor torture by inserting an Aphrodisiac test tube into your pussy
Erotic scene (2): ●注入 of various animals injected into the pussy ~■■ Russian Roulette ・ Which animal child ★ ● Wonder?~

Usuki-chan (Height:124cm Room Number:07 illustrated by Wano Neko-sama)
I love drawing rabbit ears.I like wearing clothes, but because it is hot, the button is always full view for full opening.
Erotic Scene (1): Drawing with a brush inserted into anal ~ Finally finished with white (semen) and yellow (pee) paint ~
Erotic scene (2): ■し ● ● & the rabbit of ■し ●● and insert ★★ ●し in the pussy ■■し■ play

Koinu-chan (height:126cm Room number:08 illustrated by Haru Ichigo-sama)
A dog-eared child who is not good at water and always has a floating ring.If you are wearing clothes, you will drown, so you will always be in full view.
Erotic Scene (1): Breath holding play in the semen basin ~ Face semen pack directly to the child who does not wear face ~
Erotic scene (2): ●■■ Swimming in the pool ~ ■★ ■★ Full body in floating & diving ●ー ● pack ~

ゆ狸(Yuri)-chan (height:130cm Room number: 09 illustrated by Matcha-sama)
He is an active raccoon dog who loves festivals.Because I can not wear a yukata well, I am always full view.
Erotic Scene (1): Omikuji play by inserting Omikuji stick in your pussy ~ Kuriloter that changes according to fortune ~
Erotic scene (2): ■■挿入★ Insert the fireworks on hand & ★ ●●● Digest ~挿入■挿入 Insert the blowback & put the power and a strange sound sounds ~

Spring Fox (Koharu)-chan (height:136cm Room Number:10 illustrated by Zumudin-sama)
It is said that he is the former fox ears of Inari-sama.The tone is old, but modern.The ceremonial costumes are always in full view due to the front opening.
Erotic Scene (1): I put out the fire of the candle inserted in the pussy with a pee
Erotic scene (2): ●★★強制 forced while pulling with a winchー ■● (with thick 10 series ★ ●) insertion

Neko-chan (Height:139cm Room Number:11 illustrated by Peroris-sama)
A cat ear child who loves making sweets and dreams of a pastry chef.A real pastry chef always looks full because he believes that a naked apron is a formal dress.
Erotic Scene(1): Anal Cream Enema & Pudding Decoration ~Cum Topping~
Erotic Scene (2): Dog eating ●ー The ~ Kuriroter inーー★ー every ■■★● Increase and increase ~

God 9
He lends a huge amount of money to Lorikonia, a powerful man.
It seems to be very scary people, but actually ....

Guest Character: illustrated by Ox Tiger Tatsumi
Local Cut-in:illustrated by Kupuru-sama
Sex Motion original:illustrated by 呂シシさシ

Logo: Kagaya
Audio: Mr. Rio Fujimura
The credits are listed in Read me.

*The contents may be changed without notice.
※ Play time is a guide to the last.Or if you have entered the sage mode or start masturbation on the way, if you skip the daily part to erotic CG saw is not this limit.
※ All the people who appear in this game are over 18 years old who are tall and are mentally immature, but only sexual desire is the strongest person.
※ In the trial version, you can enjoy all the prologue scenes, some excerpts of everyday scenes, someone's erotic scene.
※ In addition, detailed notes are described in "Read me" attached to the trial version and the product version, so please read it by all means.




SNSで話題の新進気鋭&ベテラン絵師 × 変態SM調教師・桃狐




鼠良(そら)ちゃん(身長:95cm 部屋番号:03 illustrated by のめおいる様)

羊佳(ようか)ちゃん(身長:102cm 部屋番号:04 illustrated by 粉ちぅちぅ様)

飛鳥(あすか)ちゃん(身長:110cm 部屋番号:05 illustrated by ワモツァ様)

美虎(みとら)ちゃん(身長:117cm 部屋番号:06 illustrated by 桜部のとす様)

兎月(うづき)ちゃん(身長:124cm 部屋番号:07 illustrated by わのねこ様)

胡犬(こいぬ)ちゃん(身長:126cm 部屋番号:08 illustrated by はるいちご様)

由狸(ゆり)ちゃん(身長:130cm 部屋番号:09 illustrated by 抹茶様)

狐春(こはる)ちゃん(身長:136cm 部屋番号:10 illustrated by ざむでぃん様)

音猫(ねねこ)ちゃん(身長:139cm 部屋番号:11 illustrated by ペロリス様)


ゲストキャラ:illustrated by 牛虎たつみ様
局部カットイン:illustrated by くぷる様
セックスモーション原画:illustrated by 呂久麿様

ほかクレジットは、Read meに記載。

※そのほか、詳しい注意事項は体験版や製品版に付属の「Read me」に記載しておりますので、必ずお読みください。

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