The Queen's Trials ver2 poster
Updated 2020-10-01
Developer Katakori
Rip by s-hentai

The Queen's Trials ver2

A busty small princess challenges bandits and traps in this game!

Control Mysteria to move through the cave.
The cave is full of bandits and traps so use wit and bravery to push through!

Mysteria - The queen and this story's protagonist.
She has a cute face but an incredibly voluptuous body,
with very soft and over-developed tits.

Orlando - Mysteria's care-taker and an old man.

Rikka - Female knight who serves Mysteria.

Though she starts off as an innocent girl, her sexual experiences raise her
lewd levels and how she reacts to sex will gradually change...

This game is created with Wolf RPG Editor

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