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Updated 2022-09-23
Developer Katakori
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Pure white

Original title: ピュアホワイト

Anime erotic RPG "Pure White"

■ Synopsis
Shinpaku Yui is a normal school girl at first glance, but in fact it was a demon warrior of great skill.
Yui hides a certain feeling in her heart and continues to fight today.
why is she fighting?・・・

-Almost all scenes animated by Live2D!
It will move slimy with more than 18,000 differential CG!
H scene of course also moves in the normal standing picture and status screen.
In addition, sexual harassment is possible to touch the breasts and lower body in the status screen.

- Large volume of erotic events total 58!
Of course, the sex scene has a voice!

- You can wake up any event that happened 1 time as many times as you want!
It is possible to repeatedly raise events that have been seen once in many events.
In addition, there is also a recollection room, so it is possible to see events once and for all.

-Items of erotic status of enhancement
In addition to the degree of development such as tits and pussy
You can see the history of experienced etch events.
in addition, personality, sexual thinking, and the type of heterosexual you like
It will change with experience.

- There is a random pregnancy function to get pregnant at random when it is vaginal cum shot.
(Random pregnancy function will be released when you advance to the middle of the game)

-Sectional view equipped with on-off function

-No troublesome level-ups or battles!You can focus on the story to advance crispy.

-Immediately Nuki specifications that can enjoy the etch event willingly!

■ Character introduction

- Yui Mashiro
at first glance, she looks like a school girl.
In fact, he is a great warrior.
He fights for a certain purpose.
he didn't stand out. he didn't stand out. he didn't stand out. he didn't stand out.
i'd like to send it to you.
With its looks and too big breasts
It tends to stand out by all means.
Many of the boys in the school have longed for her.

- kenta.
Yui's boyfriend.A serious male student.

The head of the demon warrior organization that Yui belongs to.

■Etch event
We will introduce some of the contents of the etch event in the game.

-It is spree to be stared at the chest by the boys at school

- my boss sexually harassed me.

- It is embraced or repulsed carelessly about the small fish Youma

- Hypnotized grandpa is hypnotized and Belo Chu care and your cock ○ port cleaning is done with tits

-It is attacked by the Shota corps which was estrus to Yui of the suk water figure in the pool

-It is cuckold by a friend of the boyfriend.
i hated it at first, but eventually...?

-I accidentally entered a mixed bathing bath and I was surrounded by uncles and touched.
and then i passed out, and i thought i was saved・・・

-So that bulging emulsification & breast milk comes out with tentacle Youma's dirty poison.and then they run out of energy
you have to drink your own breast milk.・・・

- I was trapped in a space filled with aphrodisiac miasma and endured it, but finally reason collapsed and orgy・・・

-Infiltrate the mysterious party of the Youma in a harenchi Moo-mo suit・・・

-If you were hiding a pregnancy, the teacher who knew it made a despicable request on condition that you would not reveal the secret・・・

- working in the soap.・・・

-Being cuckold by an uncle who is good at sex・・・

- I was defeated by a giant youma that i would be twice my own, and i was seeded press・・・

There are 58 erotic events and so on.
(10 of them are short mini events.))

THIS work is produced in the WOLF RPG EDITOR.
It is recommended to check the operation in the trial version.
































この作品はWOLF RPG エディターで制作しています。

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