Let you know the cheeky JK in the cheat note poster
Updated 2022-10-11
Developer Yuki Mango
Language original
Total size 688mb
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Let you know the cheeky JK in the cheat note

Original title: 生意気JKをチートノートでわからせる

概要 Overview

Animation + touch + voice love training erotic simulation game!

A note that dreams about erotic come true ... Enjoy love love etch?
Or continue to force the etch with the power of the note, it is up to the purchaser whether to change it to a nasty JK.
Or do a variety of etch to raise the favorability, let's train to get the item through the work!

ー Story

The main character who is working for the girls' school is disgusted by a low salary every day for a large amount of work, and tells the president to quit.
The understaffed president pressed and rounded up a note in order to keep her dream about eroticism that she had used before would come true.
When I wrote the name of the heroine who was in front of me while resenting that it was a child deception ...... I have served the hero as the body seems to move without permission against the will.
The notebook was real.
So the hero calls the heroine when it comes to after school ......!?


- Heroine
Name: Chise Aoba (voice actor: Paco Shirakawa)
It is vaginal cum shot school student.
I like books, and I ask more and more questions that I care about in class.
It is the enemy of the eyes that the hero who can not answer firmly for that.
ON-OFF of the glasses is possible.

Name: Kuzuya
He managed to get a teaching license at a G-rank university, followed the connection of rice, and managed to slip into the girls' high school in rural areas.
I am busy and send every day that I am in agony with no money and no time to go to customs, not to make her.

注意点 Notes & Cheats

-During training, when automatic ejaculation is ON, it moves to the next action when you click on the space or on the screen.
Since it does not stop until ejaculation etc. is over if you insert as a precaution, it seems that it is good to train manually if you want a good timing.

・When the cock dependence degree is 51 or more -Possession of electric massage machine, I hear the rumor that the vibes are somewhere during the patrol.
Then you will get the key when you patrol again, and you will be able to get the vibes afterwards.

-When the cock dependence degree 21 or more, I hear the rumor of the electric massage machine.
If you patrol again afterwards, you will be able to get an electric machine. 

-There is no income of money except to cat Baba the money found during the patrol.

-The favorability increases when you date, but it is a significant favorability UP when you buy something.

-There are rumors that there are thieves in the school if you do too much cat Baba.
When I leave it alone......
It is necessary to compensate the money to avoid, but the money will need to or let Papa live to the heroine.

- If you are spending time only on sex without work, there is a possibility that you will eventually be fired.
To avoid it, spend the blame on the work, or do the heroine to the chairman, let's not let the body be fired for consideration.

- If you get fired, the lines of the heroine will change depending on favorability and cock dependence.

-It is because of the guts of the company animal that is ingrained in the author that there is a lot of work.


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