Ma Furu Yoru No Rin Animation poster
Updated 2020-05-28
Developer Lilith
Size 868mb
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Ma Furu Yoru No Rin Animation

* The long-awaited battle heroine XXX romance pregnancy product arrives!
Sexual desire runs amok when a protagonist spreads his madness-inducing demon semen!!
That's an inevitable massacre for any heroine!
Keep up the vigorous H for a full week!

* On a demonic rampage the protagonist's jizz = love drug!?
"How convenient...... I mean, uh, what the hell my sperm drives her wild with arousal!?"
Reap the rewards of a radical aphrodisiac injected directly into her throat, vagina and anus!
When you dance with danger the music can drown out all reason!!

* Gaspingly erotic new work by debut Lilith artist Naoto Fukuyama!

* Out-of-control sperm addicted psychosexual emotional of a horny heroine!
Is demonic sperm what's driving the protagonist's perverse rampage?
Buckets of shameful gut-stretching cum bloat her womb and anus and she still wants more!
A school life of coerced cum obsession! Estrum lessons!
Even if the protagonist is stopped nobody would dare complain what he's done!?

Ma Furu Yoru No Rin Animation screenshotMa Furu Yoru No Rin Animation screenshotMa Furu Yoru No Rin Animation screenshot

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