Ma Furu Yoru No Rin Animation poster
Updated 2020-05-28
Developer Lilith
Rip by anime-sharing

Ma Furu Yoru No Rin Animation

* The long-awaited battle heroine XXX romance pregnancy product arrives!
Sexual desire runs amok when a protagonist spreads his madness-inducing demon semen!!
That's an inevitable massacre for any heroine!
Keep up the vigorous H for a full week!

* On a demonic rampage the protagonist's jizz = love drug!?
"How convenient...... I mean, uh, what the hell my sperm drives her wild with arousal!?"
Reap the rewards of a radical aphrodisiac injected directly into her throat, vagina and anus!
When you dance with danger the music can drown out all reason!!

* Gaspingly erotic new work by debut Lilith artist Naoto Fukuyama!

* Out-of-control sperm addicted psychosexual emotional of a horny heroine!
Is demonic sperm what's driving the protagonist's perverse rampage?
Buckets of shameful gut-stretching cum bloat her womb and anus and she still wants more!
A school life of coerced cum obsession! Estrum lessons!
Even if the protagonist is stopped nobody would dare complain what he's done!?

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