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Updated 2022-04-08
Developer shoku
Language original
Total size 504mb
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Kicking the sex Knight Yuki

Original title: 蹴撃の性騎士ユキ

■ "To English-speaking people"

"The text of this page that I translated into English" is posted on my blog.
My blog is
If the automatic translation of this site doesn't make sense,
try reading my translation.

[This game is an adult anime RPG.】

■ There is no auto-save function in this game.Please note.

■Supported languages: Japanese, English

■38 kinds of erotic anime, 14 kinds of erotic CG

■H anime

Sexual harassment and reverse sexual harassment in battle is almost anime.
H Events will also be animated.
However, there are also H events that do not anime.

■ Synopsis

The main character Yuki is the daughter of the duke family.One day suddenly the lord passed away.
Yuki will succeed to the position of duke.
Yuki and his entourage work hard to save the country.

■ "Fate of the virgin" function

"The fate of the virgin", after each local (mouth, anus, uterus) indecent act
It is a function that returns to the virgin every time.
"Fate of the Virgin" can be set as many times as you want.

The parameter value is added to the hidden status.
So, even if you switch to the virgin state, when you return to the original again
The accumulated numbers are instantly reflected in the reality parameters.

So every time you cancel the setting、
Lewd memory and feel revived in the body of the main character and she climax.
The condition of the climax is that the lewd degree will be more than 100.

The pussy is a virgin by this function、
Mouth and anus are experienced in such a state that you can enjoy.

■Cosplay costume

11 types of cosplay.
Sailor Suit
Bulma Gym suit
Japanese festival costumes

7 kinds of underwear.
Thong Bread White set
Abalone type underwear
Underhair (removable because it is equipped)

■H Event

- fucking in the hospital・
-Anal fucking by the King
- 3-hole extended punishment
- Loss of virginity in a brothel.
-Sleep fucking at the inn
- Demon King Army 1 million gang rape

■About enemy encounter

- Regular monsters of random encounter will launch a state anomaly grant attack.
-The last boss of the symbol Encounter will launch a normal attack.
- Metamorphosis enemies of the symbol Encounter, will come to launch a rape attack.

■ Indecent feat

- All 8 types of enemy rape attacks.
 The enemy (male) will also rape the "enemy girl (boss)".(Act of betrayal)

- During the battle, the hero can sexually harass the enemy.All 5 species.
 During non-combat, the protagonist can sexually harass his squire.

-During combat and during non-combat, the servant is supported sexual harassment to the hero (combat buff granted)
 You canAll 4 species.

- You can return the hero from combat inability in the support rape of the squire during the battle.

-If you drink semen collected during non-combat, attack power will rise.

-The fertilization rate increases when it is vaginal cum shot.

■ About battle

- At the time of battle, the hero will change into battle clothes of leotard type dedicated to battle.

- The normal attack of the enemy will hit the hero and escape.

-Even when her damage is 0, the attack is still hit
 The main character's "Norquesori Anime" is to be displayed.

-If you receive more than a certain amount of damage, the hero's clothes will be torn.

- If the state becomes abnormal by the attack of the enemy, the battle standing picture will also change according to.
 There are 7 types of abnormal conditions such as sleep, paralysis, and petrification.

- The hero will eventually be able to take off his combat uniform and fight almost naked.

- When the hero is unable to fight, it will be committed from the enemy in pursuit.

- There is no game over.Even if it is annihilated, it will be resurrected immediately on the spot.

■ Support function

- In the "private" of the "menu", standing picture of the hero, nasty degree、
 You can check the number of pies, etc.

- "Escape" at the time of battle will be 100% successful.

-It is fully recoverable wherever you are in a simple tent.
(However, it can not be reused if you do not move 100 steps after use.)

- You can avoid random encounter with the enemy in the "Demon Exorcism medicine".
 This item is sold in the church.
 The exception is the symbol encounter.

- There is a MAP display function in the menu.
 The main story placemarks will appear on the MAP.
 There is also a "next action" item to assist in writing.

- Save is possible at any time from the menu when moving.


- "Free prostitution (event)" and "Pussy attack (heroine's sexual harassment technique)"、
 The pose is almost the same.Please note.

- A to face, cuckold, Bote fucking, Fertilization expression, Gangbang, childbirth, uterine sectional view、
 There is penetration fucking from mouth to anus by tentacles.Please be careful if you are not good at it.
 (Childbirth is written expression only)

- There are inconsistencies, such as wearing clothes, but not at the time of the event.
 There are many contradictions, so please be careful if you can not tolerate it.

- Voice is not full voice.H, it is some voice that is used in battle.

- It is very rare that the anime in battle is flicker for a moment at the beginning of the first playback.

- Fast forward text (press the space key), the animation playback does not catch up
 It may flicker.

-This software does not promote any criminal activity such as sexual violence.


 this software has been debugged and published、
 If a problem occurs, we will support it in the blog of "Shoku".
 The URL is specified in the bundled "Please read" text.


■ "To English-speaking people"

"The text of this page that I translated into English" is posted on my blog.
My blog is
If the automatic translation of this site doesn't make sense,
try reading my translation.






















































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