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Updated 2019-11-20
Developer shoku
Language eng
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2.25 (61)

Petite Goddess Emily

Current Ver 1.2

4 total H contents = 37 H animations + 3 HCGs

This game has sex events in addition to sexual attacks.


Humans are threatened by the swelling tide of monsters across the land.
Emily, the goddess of love and light, descends to earth per her promise to Inicie,
but as a sensitive mortal...


Sexual harassment battles with 3 types of attacks:
sekuhara attacks, assault attacks, grope attacks (no animation for grope)

Cosplay featuring 7 kinds of outfits:
goddess, schoolgirl, gym uniform,
swimwear, nurse, leotard, china dress
+ panties, glasses options
+ adjustable hairstyles

Armor breaks in 4 stages of destruction

Reverse sexual attacks are also possible when you beat certain conditions:
handjob, footjob, p* ssy

Ver 1.1 has received many small tweaks and improvements to menus and features,
as well as improved character art, and additional animations.

There are currently 5 bad endings.
If you fail in battle or get a bad ending, you restart from that area.
The menu displays hints on where to go next in the game.

Warning: depicts gapeface, pregnancy, birth


Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).
Save anytime from the menu. No voice included.
This software is does not condone or endorse real world sexual or criminal action.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Please follow the blog for news:

Petite Goddess Emily screenshotPetite Goddess Emily screenshotPetite Goddess Emily screenshot

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