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Updated 2019-08-17
Developer shoku
Language jap

Demoness Litty

40 H scenes total = 36 base H animations + 3 HCGs + 1 non-HCGs
+ 6 HCG for sexual battles

- 10 types of battle sex attacks, and 5 types of reverse sex attacks.
- A system where whoever cums first loses (slimes are an exception).
- Enemies generally only try to use sex attacks.
- Equipped hair style are reflected in H scenes.
- Some H scenes have cross-sectional views (can be turned on / off).
- Mostly violation scenes.
- Press A to close the talk box area (use when text is in the way of H-scenes).

Boss battles are regular battles.
The "Ato no saki" and "Flame" skills make it easier to win.

Litty is the daughter of the previous Demon lord. One day, her father left to
journey an isekai (another world), and she was left to rule the throne.
Litty is both shocked and expects to be able to do whatever she wants but...

Contains: impregnating / public violation / inter-species sex / double penetration etc.

[ Game Overview ]
- Complete the trial version and transfer the save data into the purchased version
to receive 100,000 gold, 10 H skill points, and trial version CG added to the menu.
- Map can be displayed with destination indicated.
- The menu has 2 pages: "front view" and "view from underneath"
- 7 types of cosplay/costumes available.
- Can attach vibrator, anal-beads, and multiple variations by meeting criteria.
- Can be drawn/cummed on, and reflects on the standing art as well,
but not in the battle animation.
- Preg-belly is reflected in menu/conversation/battle standing art, and animation.

* Warning: contains expressions of: gapeface, pregbelly violation, birth.
* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
* This is not a full voice work. Only partially voiced in H scenes and battles.
* This software does not endorse nor is intended to promote actual crime.

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