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Developer Lilith
Total size 3gb
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Lilith presents you with the first spin-off of their highly acclaimed series
Kangoku Senkan (Prison Battleship) which sold over 160000 units!!!

* The task of a female teacher, is to sexually satisfy their students!?
Their common sense overwritten, these teachers must perform their
humiliating "comfort mission" to ~educate~ brilliant students...!!

* A Disciplinary Brainwashing System will makes full use of the "Academic" setting!!
What separates "daily life" and "brainwashing" is the school chime...!
A place of learning... pure, serious, innocent, virtuous...
turns to a lewd stage of debaucherous discipline with a simple ring of the bell!!
Enjoy the various situations befitting of an academic location!! In the classroom,
on the grounds, at the pool, enjoy the defilement of these heroine's pride...
the thorough sullying of the their beliefs and dignity in this multi-ending ADV!!

* Machine Violation "Maintenance" isn't going anywhere, anytime soon!!
The young mad scientist has plenty of new and perverted body modifying
inventions to turn their two heroines into stupefied horny hentai sluts!?

* With Animation Included!!
Over 40 cuts of After Effects Animations for beautiful hardcore realism!!

* Anime Mode / CG Mode can be toggled at will!!
The ferocious erotic scenes, will you enjoy their naughty nature
in smoooothly arousing animation? Or perhaps indulge in the
beauty of their captured moments of time as CG? Up to you!!

* Background Voices Included!
Enjoy a cachopony of lewd moans and groans to accompany their
fall into slutf*ckery! Of course you can turn ON / OFF as you please!

* Blinking Eyes Feature Included!
A first time implemented feature... the character pose art will have
the 'blinking eyes' feature included which should provide for even
more dynamic and attractive facial expressions during the ADV part!

* Visual Contents
Event CG: 45 types
Variations: 265+

* Cast & Staff
Julia Bloodstone (CV: Shino Nakano)
Eliza Pearlman (CV: Ria Kitaita)

Planning / Original Idea: Ittousai Sasayama
Story: Kazuhiko Iida / Ittousai Sasayama
Scenario: Kazuhiko Iida
Character Design: Sian
Artwork: Sian
Graphics: Chodzuriina / maimi / de
Graphics Supervision: Mikoyan
Background Art: made in harutoshi
Music: FelionSounds
OP Movie: made in harutoshi
Producer: Ittousai Sasayama
Effects / Director: Musashi Haruyama

*** Story ***
An age of space-faring.
Several planets have already undergone terraforming and the
territory of mankind has spread throughout our solar system.
The united human federation is established and the dream of "peace"
that humanity has striven for brings hope to the heavens but...
That hope, was soon to be struck down, to be trampled upon
and discarded in the dark abyss of despair.
It was only a matter of time before Spacenoids and Earthnoids
ended up in conflict and with a third party making an entrance,
the history of mankind entered a new age of chaos.

...And at a New Solar Military Academy, news of the heroine of
"Hermes Battle" becoming a special academic instructor spreads.
The students are filled with awe, inspiration and passion but,
not everyone is awaiting her arrival with a positive attitude...
Lurking in the darkness, licking his lips, the school council president
Albert Pain is preparing for her arrival with feelings of a different vector.

He lost everything in the Hermes Battle and has vowed to take his
vengeance out upon the New Solar faction...
as an undercover agent, he will use top secret technology to brainwash
the heroines of Hermes and turn them into FemSwine---!

Earth Year 2256, Space Year 46, New Space Year 2.
A new tale of dastardly conspiracy will take place at an
Elite Military Academy on the fringes of the solar system...

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Support Mail Address: [email protected]

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