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Updated 2018-11-08
Developer Slime Special
Language jap

The Hamestacia Kingdom ~Hero and Four Goddesses~

Let's bang, bang and bang around the world!?
H Event "Animation Video" loaded

* Story
The Hamestacia Kingdom was a real utopia where all species live in the equality.

However, in the 721st year of the Kingdom, the peace was demolished by
a single statement made by the ruler of the Kingdom in the period, the Witch Queen Leep:

"Men are no longer needed in this world!"

--- Since then, men have been socially dominated by women.

Being under the severe situation, the only hope for all men is the legendary hero, who,
if the legend is true, is destined to defeat the mastermind and bring equality to the world again.

Later on...

A cherry boy masturbates as his daily routine in a rural village "Tartos".
The story is right about to begin with his right hand......

* Overview
You are the legendary hero accompanied by four goddesses,
setting out to defeat the mastermind "The Witch Queen".

Monster girls, female knights, which girls and lewd devils....
You will get to fight with girls of many races in your way
and you can violate them upon winning. Let's teach them
how sex is great, using your power of the hero.

Will you be able to defeat the mastermind "The Witch Queen"
and liberate the world from women's domination......?

Vast field, various dungeons, plentiful of quests and systems.
H scenes with voices and motions. Furthermore, there are
H events with your party members, cute goddesses...?
Spectacular RPG with a lot of completion challenges.

* Please visit the special site for further information:

* Versatile H scenes
11x Animation Videos (goddesses, bosses etc.)
Jiggling boobs, fierce thrusting and creampie!?

* Creampie, fellatio, violation, tentacle and handjob... A variety of H CGs

* H scenes are all voiced. Lewd voices with orgasms

* H with four goddesses
- Hints for getting close to goddesses will be given as the story progresses...
- Animation Video
- Acquire the strongest skills by having sex with goddesses!?
- The strongest skills can be used upon achieveing 100% TP.

* Pregnancy and Birthing at a Whorehouse
- When you successfully rescue Oyakata (head/chief of something), a whorehouse appears in a certain place.
- Let's pay for creampie and impregnation!
- Make her give birth to get special items!

* Yandere (a psycho girl)
- When you encounter Yandere, you get something wrong with your body!?
- When you try to get help near the town...
- Risque ecchi with Yandere!?

* Stats
- Characters: 62 (without variations)
- Total CG Count: 160
- Base HCG Count: 21 (63 variations)
- H Animation Count: 11
- Pose Art Count: 62

* Credits
Production: Slime Special

Ao Inukai (as Marie etc.)
Mafuyu Hiiragi (as Raffery etc.)
Ruina Himeki (as Nina etc.)
Uni Koishikawa (as Elly etc.)

* About the trial version
The trial version ends when you break out of a prison on the "Mess Night Island".
The save data can be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

* About operational requirements
This software is created using RPG TKool MV.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

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