Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ [incl. bonus voice drama/bonus short RPG /voice patch] poster
Updated 2020-12-10
Developer Fuurindo

Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ [incl. bonus voice drama/bonus short RPG /voice patch]

First anniversary special offer! This is the integrated version of:
Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ [incl. 60 min bonus voice!]

Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ Full Voice Patch [incl. 2x Voice Drama & Mini RPG]

* Please be warned not to make a duplicated purchase.


* Bonus Contents
- Bonus 1
Our previous audio work is included as a bonus!
Watch Out For Heatstroke

- Bonus 2
The two bonus voice dramas are over 30 minutes in length.
Voice Drama 1: Loli Melulu performs some H mischief on her master sleeping.
Voice Drama 2: The after story of the lovey-dovey ending.

- Bonus 3
A bonus short RPG
The untold story between the two chapters of this game.
When Meluluna visits her hometown in her business,
she meets a certain unfortunate cherry boy swordman.


* Story

A young girl collapsed in the woods is adopted by a wizard.

The girl becomes the wizard's disciple-----

Falling into corruption dark fantasy style.

[ Organized into two parts: Loli ver. and Young girl ver. (multiple endings) ]


* Systems

- battle damage destroys clothes
- battle dialogue proceeds automatically (separate window)
- you can control character freely during battle dialogue
- change battle difficulty any time
- save any time (even during messages and choices)
- replay room included (after the ending you can roll back before a branching path)
(after the true ending you will unlock all content)
- auto mode, high speed skip, backlog, fast battle, dash, hide window options
- internal & external cumshots, shy experience, etc. countdowns
- compatible with USB controller
- keyboard config options
- item & monster guides / quest book included

+ Battle system (command-based + QTE)


* Ecchi scenes & genres

Sleep sex / comatose
Ovulation or "safe" day options
Failure scenes against minor enemies
Assault / violation
Plump belly / pregnant sex (slight)
Ecchi scenes with subcharacters (whore, oneshota, animalize, blackmail)
Happy ending (consensual) etc


* Contents & credits

20+ base CGs (incl. subcharacters)
Battle scene variations
BGM, plugins, materials etc. from various sources
Special thanks to providers of materials

Full acknowledgments are noted in the trial and full versions.

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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